2011 Ford Chateau

Class CWashington, IN
Sleeps 624 ftYear 2011
100 miles/day freeGenerator includedBudget FriendlyEasy to Drive

Meet your host, Susana

Owner bio coming soon! Susana is committed to providing great stays for guests.

Class CRental #114978

Motorhome only has 13000 miles is easy to drive easy to set up easy to pack up. Get all the perks of camping with this compact camper

  • Sleeps: 6 guests
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Transmission: Automatic

Owner rules

  • Pets not allowed
  • No music festivals
  • Tailgating not allowed
  • No smoking


  • Daily$100.00 /night
  • Weekly$100.00 /night0% discount
  • Monthly$100.00 /night0% discount
Minimum stay
2 nights
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
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Cancellation policy flexible
  • Free cancellation for 48 hours after booking, as long as you cancel more than 14 days before departure.
  • If canceled more than 5 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 100% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded
  • If canceled within 5 days prior to departure:
    • Insurance is refunded
    • 75% of the booking total is refunded
    • The service fee is not refunded
100 miles free per day You will be charged $0.35 for every mile over per day.
Generator usage
4 free generator hours per day If you exceed the included hours you will be charged $3.00 per hour.

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This rental has a 2 night minimum.
May 2021
2011 Ford Chateau


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2011 Ford Chateau







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About the host, Susana


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Dennis A.

October 20205

Great to list with. This was our second time. Owner is very flexible and pleasant. Straight forward transaction.

Matt M.

July 20201

She cancelled my trip less than 1 week before. Now I have to try to find another.

Myles B.

July 20201

I don’t normally write online reviews, but after our experience with this RV owner and Outdoorsy, I feel obligated to write this review. I will keep my emotions out of the review, and only state the facts. As consumers, anyone reading this review can make their own decisions. At least consumers will be making an educated decision.
We have rented RV’s multiple times from another provider, and every experience has been great. When we came across this RV listing on Outdoorsy we thought we would give it a chance. The RV was very cheap and was close enough to us that it was convenient. So here are the facts:
1. The owner was flexible on the pickup and return schedule.
2. The owner allowed me to leave a vehicle at the pickup location. That prevented the need to have someone drive me to the pickup and drop off.
3. The owner didn’t object to me videotaping the inspection process at the pickup.
1. Upon arriving for the pickup, the owner told me that while opening the canopy (the day before), she noticed that the canopy was starting to “delaminate”. Indeed the canopy was peeling and coming apart. I captured the condition of the canopy on the inspection video.
2. While inspecting the RV, the owner said the RV water system had been flushed out several times, but because it had recently been winterized, “no matter how many times you flush the system, the water still smells funny”. There was a strong chemical smell to the water. The water from the shower and sink was clear, but the water from the bathroom sink had a foamy white discharge. The RV owner told us very clearly, “DO NOT DRINK THE WATER”. At this point our group of renters already had too much invested in our vacation to turn back (three hours before leaving). Since the campground we were traveling to had a good shower room and water hookups, the water from the RV was not needed, so we continued with the inspection.
3. We drove the RV approximately 3 hours to the campground. Shortly after departing in the RV, we started noticing an “exhaust fume” smell. The RV has an exhaust leak that is filtering through the cab of the RV. After completing our 3 hour drive to the campground all of the passengers were complaining of the smell and headaches.
4. The RV rides very rough even on state highways. The stove, and several doors were rattling, shaking, clanking, and making excessive noise while driving. I have driven other very similar RV’s and I have never heard anything like this one.
5. Upon arriving at the campground, we connected to the park’s water and electric, and the RV didn’t move for 4 days. Upon bringing the RV back to the owner, I reported concerns about the RV. We inspected the RV for damage, and found that at some point during the drive one of the hubcaps had fallen off the RV. It is worth noting that the owner told me, she had just had new tires put on the RV before we picked it up. The inspection video does show that the hubcap was on the RV when we picked it up. The video clearly shows a very dented hubcap that has obviously been off and on many times. I admit the missing hubcap is my responsibility to replace. At that time the owner told me she would see if her ex-husband had a spare, and she would get with me on a price. There was no other issues discussed or reported on the inspection list at drop off. The next day the owner reported a $201.89 charge for the missing hubcap. I tried to talk to the owner about the crazy charge of $201.89 for a hubcap. The owner said that was the only hubcap she could find online. I presented the owner with 2 online options for brand new matching hubcaps at less than $100, and one option for the same hubcap in a matching set of 4 for $49. The owner stated that was the hubcap she found….period. After 9 days of disputing the charge with Outdoorsy, they came back and reported that it is really the owner’s discretion to state the value of the hubcap. Nine days after the RV drop off the owner also reported a claim for $30 in tire damages that she blamed on us. Again, nothing reported at the drop off. The owner offered to drop the $30 claim if we paid the $201.89 for the hubcap. Outdoorsy reported that they thought that was fair. After much discussion, Outdoorsy did give us a $150 credit on our charge, because they “felt like we had a negative experience” with this RV owner. That left us with paying $51.89 for a $49 hubcap, and the alleged tire damage suddenly disappeared. Outdoorsy finally stepped up to the plate and granted the $150 refund to end the dispute.
6. Just too many things the owner said that she later contradicted.
7. Owner will take any opportunity to take advantage of a renter.
8. Too many RV defects that were not revealed until pickup. Amazing how many things happen, just before we picked up the RV.
9. Owner reported tire damage 9 days after the RV had been returned. The owner didn’t note any damage when she inspected the RV at drop off (because there was no damage). No evidence of the alleged damage was ever shared with the renters. Three messages requesting to see evidence of the alleged tire damage were ignored.

Douglas S.

October 20195

Excellent RV, everything was exactly as advertised. Susana was wonderful

Rod &.

October 20193

Susanna Woods good to work with overall. There was just so much noise in the RV I'm driving that we could not carry on a conversation. Due to broken shower door, camper door, microwave, all ratteling, screws missing on oven door and shelf rattling Etc. Just a little TLC would probably fix all these.

2 Photos submitted by Rod & Carla H.

Tracy P.

October 20194

RV was great but would of been nice, if the bathroom door was replaced. Second time renting it, hope to again soon.

1 Photo submitted by Tracy P.

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