State Parks in Indiana

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State Parks

Brown County State Park, IN

341 RV rentals

Brown County State Park is by far the most popular getaway in Indiana for both Hoosiers and out-of-state visitors. Indiana’s largest state park, Brown County consists of nearly 16,000 acres of diverse landscape sandwiched between Bloomington, Indiana, and Columbus, Ohio. This convenient location is ideal for finding RV rentals in Brown County. Like so many other state parks in the country, this one also started as a Civilian Conservation Corps project to employ young men in the 1930s.

Due to the makeup of the park, Brown County has earned the moniker of “Little Smokies.” Glaciers came to the end of the road here during the last ice age, and their journey formed moody ravines and rugged hills that …

Charlestown State Park, IN

337 RV rentals

Charlestown State Park is located in southern Indiana on the Ohio River and Indiana - Kentucky border. The state park lies near the towns and cities of Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Lexington, KY. Charlestown State Park began life as part of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant and was donated in separate parcels since 1993. Today the park consists of over five thousand acres, making it one the largest national parks in all of Indiana. The park consists of the ‘Fourteen Mile Creek,’ a tributary of the Ohio River, miles of hiking trails, and access to the Ohio River itself. All of these things, and much more, make Charlestown State Park the ideal place to take an …

Clifty Falls State Park, IN

440 RV rentals

With its beautiful waterfalls, rugged terrain, and ancient fossils, Clifty Falls State Park is one of the gems of the Indiana State Parks system. Tucked away in the southeastern corner of Indiana, around 47 miles from Louisville, Kentucky, the park is well worth checking out for a few days if you're looking for beautiful natural scenery with a difference.

The park offers challenging hiking trails, plenty of delights to thrill and challenge amateur photographers, and the chance to get back to nature in peaceful surroundings. And with more than 160 sites to choose from in the Clifty Falls State Park campground, RV travelers are very well catered for.

Fort Harrison State Park, IN

337 RV rentals

Situated in the central region of the Midwest, Indianapolis is the capital and largest city in the state of Indiana. Founded in 1816, the city replaced Corydon as the state capital in 1821. Did you know that Indianapolis is the largest American city not located on a navigable river? Enough with the facts, when you decide to camp in an RV near Indianapolis, you will pass by Fort Harrison State Park. Located to the northeastern part of town just next to Lawrence, IN, this state park sits on part of what used to be Fort Benjamin Harrison, a US Army Post dating back to the 1900s. The 18-hole golf course and hiking trails make Fort Harrison State Park the premier …

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, IN

161 RV rentals

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park is in Vincennes, Indiana, near the banks of the Wabash River. It's a monument to a hero of the American Revolution. A colonel in the American Army, George Rogers Clark led his soldiers and a contingent of Illinois civilians into Fort Sackville in 1877. Today, you can visit the monument and retrace Clark's steps as he moved against the British.

Before going to the monument, you should stop by the park's visitor center, which features exhibits and a short movie explaining the history of the site. There is a bookstore in the center selling souvenirs and gifts as well. The center is open during normal business hours. Once you've seen the park, there …

Harmonie State Park, IN

129 RV rentals

Harmonie State Park is located just 25 miles northwest of Evansville, IN, and is the reason that many people rent an RV in Posey County year after year. The park has so much to offer those that come to the park with picnic area swimming spots and hiking trails, all of which lure in visitors from all over the state and even further afield.old-growth

The state park covers 3,465 acres of old-growth forest and runs along the banks of the Wabash River, giving visitors the best of all worlds, with recreational opportunities both on land and in the water. The area is abundant in natural beauty and also has enough man-made attractions and facilities to give visitors a comfortable stay.

Hoosier National Forest, IN

264 RV rentals

Tucked away on the rolling hills of southern Indiana, Hoosier National Forest is a popular getaway spot among the motorhome camping community in Indiana. Situated just north of Benton and a few miles to the west of Louisville, KY, the park is ideal for state park RV camping because of the numerous outdoor activities. The park isn’t only for outdoorsy folk. Culture seekers RV camping at Hoosier National Forest get to stay within proximity to the towns of Bloomington and Washington, IN.

Hiking is the highlight at the expansive Hoosier National Forest. Horseback riding and biking are also very popular, especially during the warmer months. The charming rural communities and picturesque hills make for some incredible photo …

Indiana Dunes State Park, IN

456 RV rentals

Indiana Dunes State Park, nestled along the southern tip of Lake Michigan, is home to 2,182 acres of beautiful sand dunes, beaches, and natural hardwood forest. This state park is part of the vast, federally-managed Indiana Dunes National Park, covering more than 15,000 acres of stunning wilderness and exhilarating activities. Established in 1925 and later designated a National Natural Landmark, Indiana Dunes State Park draws millions of outdoor adventurers with its natural beauty, remarkably beautiful lake, and tall sand dunes that stretch for miles.

Swimming, hiking, and fishing are among the most popular attractions at the park. Rent an RV in Porter County to explore the dunes and marshes which characterize this breathtaking area.

Jackson Washington State Forest, IN

368 RV rentals

Situated deep in the heart of Indiana, approximately halfway in-between Indianapolis, IN, and Louisville, KY lies the charming town of Brownstown. Sitting just to the east of town is Jackson Washington State Forest. This stunning recreational area offers awesome hiking, picnicking, and boating opportunities to tent and motorhome camping enthusiasts. To get a feel of the authentic Indiana experience, search for an RV in Jackson County and embark on a memorable getaway.

When camping with an RV at Jackson Washington State Forest, you’ll want to have a camera as the hiking trails offer breathtaking views of the region’s rolling hills. The forest has about five forest lakes, two of which are open to boating. The archery range provides a …

Lincoln State Park, IN

181 RV rentals

Stretching across 1,700 acres of fantastic Indiana landscape, Lincoln State Park is a dream destination for motorhome campers who like to spend their time surrounded by beautiful nature. The boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln encompasses hiking trails as well as two mesmerizing lakes where Lincoln campers come to relax and unwind. This Spencer County jewel also offers activities such as historic tours, interpretive center programs and workshops, boating, fishing, and more.

Park visitors who plan to book an RV in Spencer County can find a motorhome rental in Santa Claus or Lincoln City, as both are practically adjacent to the state park. Alternatively, Dale is just five miles away. Whether you're renting an RV or you have your own …

Monroe Lake State Park, IN

318 RV rentals

In southern Indiana, south of Indianapolis and near Bloomington is Monroe Lake State Park. This state park is a premier destination for water lovers, as the lake covers over 10,000 acres of beautiful water. Camping at Monroe Lake State Park will give you access to Indiana’s largest inland lake and is a must-see for anyone camping with an RV in this part of Indiana.

When you book an RV in Monroe County, be sure to bring your boat along, if possible. Everything from boating to hiking, swimming, and more can be enjoyed at Monroe Lake State Park. This part of Indiana is known for hot sunny summers and cold, snowy winters, so depending on the season that you visit, …

Morgan Monroe State Forest, IN

287 RV rentals

Situated just about 30 miles to the north of Indianapolis, IN, and approximately 66 miles away from Terre Haute lies Martinsville. The small city is home to one of the few remaining pre-civil war courthouses, as well as Morgan Monroe State Forest, the second-largest state forest in Indiana. The park is an ideal getaway spot for locals and visitors alike, seeking some peaceful time with nature. Are you looking to escape the hassle and bustle of city life? Then get your hands on a Martinsville camper rental and explore the region hopping from one campground to another.

Encompassing about 24,000 acres of Morgan and Monroe Counties, Morgan Monroe State Forest is a favorite among motorhome camping enthusiasts in …

Mounds State Park, IN

390 RV rentals

Near the town of Anderson is Mounds State Park, an awe-inspiring 250-acre recreation area with Native American heritage. Anyone who likes history, archeology, RV camping, or observing wildlife will have an unforgettable time here. The park features ten ceremonial mounds that are traced back to the Adena culture. The largest among these mounds, aptly named the Great Mound, is believed to date back to 160 BC. Although the ancient mounds are the namesake of this state park, guests also love to fish in White River, participate in the events organized by the park, and hike through lush forests.

To enjoy everything the park and the state of Indiana have to offer, visitors tend to opt for a motorhome camping stay. …

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, IN

398 RV rentals

The Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge is found near the small town of Fleming, Indiana, in the southern portion of the state. The nearest larger town is Seymour, which is less than five miles to the west. The wildlife refuge is situated about equidistant from two large cities, Louisville, KY to the south, and Indiana's state capital, Indianapolis, to the north.

This part of Indiana is wooded and hilly, in contrast to the flat, agricultural region its northern portion is known for. It is still a rural area, and with wildlife refuges, forests, and parks all available nearby, you will find no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy.

O Bannon Woods State Park, IN

222 RV rentals

How about heading to the woods this summer on a motorhome camping trip? O Bannon Woods State Park in Indiana is that perfect escape. Located in the central and southern part of the state in Corydon, the park is a part of the 26,000-acre Harrison Crawford State Forest. While the state park covers over 2000 acres, it is known for the Wyandotte Caves, considered one of the world’s largest ‘underground mountains’ with over nine miles of caverns. Another highlight of O Bannon Woods State Park is the Blue River that runs through the park. Bordering the park is also the Ohio River.

Renting an RV is a convenient way of getting around, and you’ll find a range of affordable …