State Parks in Connecticut

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State Parks

American Legion State Forest, CT

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Laying on the banks of the Farmington River, American Legion State Forest is a hidden natural gem of Connecticut. It is located north of New Hartford and a 20-minute drive away from Torrington. This 893-acre park is famous for its trail system, as well as being an excellent canoeing destination for all outdoor enthusiasts interested in this activity. Dense forests, rocks, and cliffs create a perfect environment for a fun motorhome camping adventure.

American Legion State Forest has a fascinating history. The first 212 acres of land was a present from the American Legion in 1927. They wanted to teach the citizens about forest management often seen in Europe. The state of Connecticut called in the Civilian Conservation Corps, …

Bigelow Hollow State Park, CT

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Exploring northern Connecticut will reward you with dense forests, gently rolling hills, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy both nature and decent-sized cities. Camping with an RV at Bigelow Hollow State Park is easy to do when you book an RV in Tolland County, one of the state’s northernmost counties. Bigelow Hollow State Park is part of one of the largest unbroken forest areas in Connecticut, a must-see destination for nature lovers.

The origins of the name of the park are unknown, but locals believe it may be derived from a reference to the deep hollow pond that is in the area. In total, the park covers over 500 acres and borders Nipmuck State Forest, which further increases the …

Black Rock State Park, CT

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This state park is situated in the western portion of this New England state, near the small hamlet of Watertown. It lies a mere 30 miles from the border with New York. The nearest larger city is Waterbury, found less than 10 miles to the south, while the state's capital, Hartford, is less than 30 miles to the east.

This area is hilly, forested, and rather rural, which makes it quite a contradiction from the busy, populated areas located on the eastern side of the state. Activities available at Black Rock State Park include picnicking, camping, hiking trails, and swimming sites. The park offers both ponds and streams where fishing can be enjoyed as well. The Mattatuck …

Bluff Point State Park, RI

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Groton is a small town in Connecticut that is most known for General Dynamics Electric Boat, the primary builder for the United States Navy submarines for more than a century. The town is situated just about halfway between Boston and New York City, making it a perfect place to stop over when motorhome camping across the northeast USA. Bluff Point State Park is one of the town’s biggest attractions. Encompassing approximately 806 acres of tidal wetlands, forested sections, and steep cliffs, it is an ideal spot for state park RV camping. To do some RV camping, you’ve got to have a campervan. Not in possession of one? Book an RV in New London County and embark on an unforgettable getaway. …

Burr Pond State Park, MA

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Burr Pond State Park is in the northwest corner of Connecticut, just a few miles from the city of Hartford and only a short distance from the North Atlantic coast. The nearest large town is Torrington, which is less than ten miles to the south.

The area is dominated by forests, rivers, and lakes, making it a beautiful space to explore on an RV camping vacation. The 438-acre Burr Pond State Park is no exception, with the pond at the center of pretty woodland. Swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking are all popular in the park.

Milo Burr created the pond when he dammed several streams to provide water power for his industrial buildings. Gail Borden, who invented condensed milk production, …

Chatfield Hollow State Park, CT

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Make your way to the state of Connecticut for a motorhome camping trip with family and friends. Covering 412-acres, Chatfield Hollow State Park is located in the town of Killingworth, just opposite the Cockaponset State Forest. Designated as a state park in 1949, Chatfield Hollow was first developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps as a recreation area in the 1930s. Pines, oak, beech, and hickory cover the state park that is a favorite with campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Not too far from Chatfield Hollow State Park are the cities of Clinton and East Haddam. Book an RV in Middlesex County, for a convenient way of getting around and exploring these areas.

Campers are in for a treat as …

Devil's Hopyard State Park, CT

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The true origin of the name Devil's Hopyard is lost to the ravages of time. There are a couple of theories, however. This much is known: In the early 1800s, there was a malt house on a small farm, and the farmer grew hops. As far as the “devil” aspect goes, it’s believed that the local people developed superstitions about the waterfall due to the natural potholes created by erosion. Another theory is that there was, at one point, an individual whose name was “Dibble,” and over time, the name was bastardized.

Devil’s Hopyard State Park became an official state park in 1919 to preserve the old-growth trees because residents were concerned about excessive logging operations in the area.

The …

Douglas State Forest, CT

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Massachusetts officially established Douglas State Forest in the late 1930s and later purchased additional acreage over the subsequent decades. Though Douglas State Forest is contained entirely inside the borders of Massachusetts, it abuts Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Realizing the need to protect the wilderness from encroaching lumber companies, Massassuchusett purchased around 1,200 acres in 1934. Under President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built several structures that are still used today, roads, and blazed trails.

The closest town is Douglas, MA, about four miles to the northeast. This small town has a handful of charming shops, restaurants, and unusual businesses for visitors to explore. It’s best known for the E. N. Jenckes Store, which was built …

Eagle Landing State Park, CT

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Somewhere along the western banks of the vast Connecticut River in the town of Haddam, CT lies Eagle Landing State Park. With your Haddam camper rental, you’ll be able to explore the nearby towns of Chester and Middletown, and also visit the neighboring state parks and forests like the Gillette Castle State Park and Cockaponset State Forest. To explore more about the area, book an RV in Haddam and embark on a memorable getaway camping with an RV at Eagle Landing State Park.

Occupying 16 acres of land, Eagle Landing State Park was created by the state in 2003. Today, this park offers tons of recreational activities, making it a favorite destination for motorhome camping enthusiasts in Connecticut. Some …

Enders State Forest, CT

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Tucked amid a triangle formed by Hartland, Barkhamsted, and Granby, and about 23.9 miles northwest of downtown Hartford, CT, Enders State Forest is a popular motorhome camping destination near the Connecticut, Massachusetts borderline. Open year-round, it’s the perfect spot to base your Hartland camper rental when exploring the region. Don’t wait any longer; book an RV in Granby and tour the region at your own pace.

Enders State Forest is an expansive forest covering over 1500 acres of woodlands, cliffs, and marshes, which was established in 1970 as a donation from the children of John and Harriet Enders. Situated near the Barkhamsted Reservoir and the Tunxis State Forest, Enders State Forest is an immensely beautiful area, …

Gay City State Park, CT

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Gay City State Park rests neatly near the middle of Connecticut, just 30 minutes from Hartford and Middletown and a stone’s throw from Windham. Surrounded by lakes and parks, Gay City is the heart of the town of Hebron and has an interesting origin story.

Gay City was founded in the late 1790s by the Gay family and quickly grew into a thriving mill town. However, in the early 1800s, the town was struck hard by the pressure of the War of 1812. The town started to gain legs again over the next 30 years, but when the mill burned down in 1830, Gay City became a ghost town. The townspeople left and the city was overtaken by the …

Hammonasset Beach State Park, CT

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Hammonasset Beach State Park occupies more than two miles of pristine Long Island Sound shoreline. The public recreation area is a fantastic place to soak up the Connecticut sunshine, with locals flocking to bask on the sandy beach, cool off in the waves, and stroll along the wooden boardwalk. The park draws its name from the Native American phrase meaning, "where we dig holes in the ground," a reference to the agricultural practices that once took place along the shoreline. Today, it's a beloved beachfront destination and welcomes around one million visitors, with crowds peaking during the hot summer months.

Planning a getaway to the Connecticut River Valley? Book an RV in New Haven County and you can sleep just …

Hopeville Pond State Park, CT

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Known human history at the location at which modern-day Hopeville Pond State Park in Connecticut is located can be traced back to the Mohegan people, who constructed stone dams to harvest fish from the Pachaug River. When you book an RV in New London County, you’ll be in the eastern reaches of Connecticut and can easily explore the area surrounding Hopeville Pond State Park, which was created thanks in part to the Civilian Conservation Corps. The state park was established in 1938 and covers over 500 acres.

RV camping at Hopeville Pond State Park is a delightful way to explore this part of Connecticut, especially if visiting during the summer months. The onsite Hopeville Pond provides plenty of recreation …

Housatonic Meadows State Park, CT

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In the northwestern reaches of Connecticut is Housatonic Meadows State Park, set among the rolling hills and dense forests of the area. Housatonic Meadows State Park was established in 1927 and covers over 450 acres of land and water. Camping with an RV at Housatonic Meadows State Park will give you easy access to hiking and camping, and guests will be able to explore the Housatonic River, which runs alongside the park.

When you book an RV in Litchfield County, you’ll be near the park, in addition to the extensively long Appalachian Trail, which runs through the county. Housatonic Meadows State Park is managed by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, and the rock-covered valley that it …