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5 Hacks for Camping Coffee

The freedom and fun of RVing appeal to family and friends year-round, but especially during the warmer months… and with good reason. There’s nothing quite like hitting the highway for sites unseen or even those favorite hallowed camping grounds. But that excitement turns stale far too quickly if you have to start off each morning…

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The History and Cult of Fiberglass Travel Trailers

Recreational vehicles have always been the perfect element to home-like camping, so it was only a matter of time that people latched onto the idea for year-round living. The 2008 economic crisis led countless homeowners to look into other livable options, such as travel trailers. Thirty million Americans are currently full-time RVers, many of which…

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In Praise of the Campervan

In the world of fancy campers and motorhomes, a small and often overlooked choice is the campervan. The campervan can look and feel like a relic of times gone by, but that’s one of its greatest charms. The campervan’s stood the test of time for some very strong reasons. Here are four off the tops of our heads: 1. An…

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Repelling Mosquitos: What Works and What Doesn’t

For most of us, mosquitos are an annoying nuisance, but taken to the extreme, they can even be dangerous. Doubtless you’ve read stories about West Nile and Zika virus. While the people affected by these diseases have tended to be higher-risk and symptom-free, the more time you spend outside, the higher the chance you could join…

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Cool campers for roadtripping from expert van dudes

Photo Credit: James and Rachel Julien left everything to pursue this dream: offer camper van dwellers the right tools to live more. So he started, Go-Van, an online magazine and a cool way to tell inspiring stories about people passionate about campers, living the vanlife and how they connect nomads together through their adventures. And then…

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Retro campers that are actually new

It’s hard to beat the classic looks of new-school campers. Sweet lines, huge, panoramic windows and interiors to die for make vintage camping rigs incredibly sought-after today. But there’s a catch: Vintage campers, no matter how well you restore them, will always be vintage campers. Today’s throwback-styled campers combine those classic designs with modern features, with…

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5 Essential Travel Apps you need for your next road trip

If you are in the process of planning out your next adventure, chances are you are using some form of smartphone app, website or hitting up forums for information. Hey, we love guidebooks just as much as anyone else, but they just aren’t that great for travel planning when compared to today’s always updated tech….

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10 of the coolest campers you’ve ever seen (and actually exist)

For those with a serious case of wanderlust, nothing beats the freedom of traveling on your own terms. Just like custom cars, 18 wheelers and motorcycles, RV’s and camper vans often reflect the owner’s personality and are an extension of who they are. Can a converted school bus be completely awesome? You betcha. And yes,…

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“Pudgy pies” are a thing. An amazing thing.

Outdoorsy renter Ashley is a life-long camper and when we asked what the one thing she can’t go without on the road is, this former chef told us “A pudgy pie maker”. To which we replied “A pudgy what?” “It’s two cast iron squares and you put white bread on either side and add pie…

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