Coe College Tailgating

Don your crimson and gold supporter’s gear and make your way to Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Camp nearby when you come to see the Kohawks at Clark Field!

Event information

Coe College, a private liberal arts institution in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, stands out for its vast academic offerings, but it is also known for its dozens of athletic teams. The Coe College Kohawks are emblazoned with crimson and gold and led by mascot Charlie Kohawk, the stylized bird.

The Kohawks is the collective name for all men’s and women’s athletic teams within the college, which consists of football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf, and more. Each team plays at one of the College’s many reputable facilities, such as the Kohawk Arena, Daniels Park, Eby Fieldhouse, and Clark Softball Field.

While there is no dedicated Coe College tailgating area for tow vehicles or motorhomes on College grounds, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the institution’s offerings of entertainment while you’re in Cedar Rapids. Whether you’re in Iowa to support a friend or family member as they play for the college, or you simply love college sports, you’re sure to find something to suit.

Often, there are tailgating events set up in the few hours before a game begins on the grounds, organized by Coe College. Once the dates, times, and locations are confirmed, visitors are invited to bring their chairs, dress up in their best Kohawk colors, and show their support before the game.

Whether it be long or short, fans are sure to be inspired by their Coe College tailgating experience. With the sports season about to begin, it’s time to dust off your motorhome and set sail for Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Some sports at Coe College require you to buy a ticket, while others don’t. Fortunately, as the game nears close, Kohawks' ticket information becomes available online. Once it’s up, you can decide whether you need to buy a ticket online, in person, or not at all. Make sure you bring plenty of cash on the day for gate sales.

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Cedar Rapids is a city in Linn County that sits on the banks of the Cedar River, around 20 miles from Iowa City and 100 miles from Des Moines. Motorhome travelers who are not familiar with the area may like to tune into a traffic aid like Iowa 511, for example, to help guide the way.

However, the journey will undoubtedly be as memorable as the destination itself, even if travelers did happen to get a little lost along the way.

As you travel on the main routes, such as I-380, US-30, and US-151 BUS, you may get to enjoy the blanket of greenery that hugs the edges of the road. Cedar Rapids is also central to Chicago and St. Louis, making it not only a beautiful place to visit but a well-appointed one, too.

As you arrive in the city center, you will spot Coe College at 5008, 1220 1st Avenue, NE, on the edges of Cedar Lake.

Parking areas

Limited onsite parking is available for those who will be visiting Coe College for the day in a motorhome or tow vehicle. To enjoy a unique tailgating experience, consider arriving a few hours before the game begins to secure on-street parking nearby. Otherwise, larger rigs may find it more convenient to set up at an RV campground nearby and make use of public transport to get to Coe College for tailgating and sports games.

Public Transportation

Cedar Rapids boasts an extensive bus and taxi network that travelers can take advantage of for sports games at Coe College. If bus schedule times don’t align with those of Coe College tailgating and games, then a taxi or rideshare service may be able to help. Visitors to Cedar Rapids can shop ‘til they drop with enclosed pedestrian skywalks that make getting around the city center a little easier.

Where to stay


Overnight parking or camping is not allowed at Coe College, which means visitors who are attending a Kohawks game will need to find a campground nearby to park their campervan, Sprinter, or 5th-wheel. There are many different options in and around Cedar Rapids to appeal to the primitive camper and those who prefer service hookups.


Campers who love nothing more than a comfortable campground near Coe College with service hookups will find what they are looking for within an hour’s drive. At 15 miles away, Palisades-Kepler State Park might be the closest to the Kohawk campus and is open year-round.

Toward Waterloo is the Waterloo / Lost Island Waterpark KOA Resort, which is more than set up to accommodate large RVs. Otherwise, travelers can set up camp at Morgan Creek Park without a reservation, Squaw Creek Park, or other nearby campgrounds within an hour’s drive of Coe College.

Getting around

Getting around the 70 acres of Coe College might seem like a significant undertaking, but only if you’re not wearing comfortable footwear or haven’t managed to find a parking space nearby. Before you attend a Kohawks game, find out which part of the campus, and at which facility, it will be held. You can then park in the campus lot, or on the outskirts, but as close to the sports field, arena, or complex, as possible.

What to pack


Ready for a day of Cedar Rapids for Coe College tailgating and Kohawks sports games. Don’t forget to pack crimson and gold clothing, and especially anything with Charlie the Kohawk on it.

If you are going hiking at Palisades-Kepler State Park, or somewhere similar, then weather-appropriate clothing will also be essential. Pay attention to the weather conditions to help you decide on the best wardrobe on your trip to Iowa.


Coe College tailgating doesn’t require much equipment, nor do any games on college grounds. For tailgating, what you bring can depend on the event. During some occasions, the food and barbeque items are supplied. In others, you need to bring a chair, grill, and food.

It also pays to think about the camping and cooking equipment you’ll need after the Kohawks games and those convenience items during the game, such as binoculars, tickets, and cash.

Health & Safety

Whether you’re tailgating at Coe College, watching a Kohawks sports games, or exploring a local park or nature reserve around Cedar Rapids, Davenport, or other surrounding towns and cities, health and safety should be to the fore.

Always carry a first aid kit and drinking water aboard your RV, not to mention bug spray and sunscreen for those outdoor adventures. Fortunately, there are plenty of towns and cities to stop in on the way to Cedar Rapids to pick up anything you have forgotten to bring from home.

Where to eat


Options are plentiful for how you cook while on an RV road trip to Iowa. Travelers can set up at one of the RV campgrounds near Cedar Rapids during the camping season, and use their onboard RV kitchen appliances. Some local RV parks may also allow the use of grills and fire pits. Grocery and convenience stores are within a one-mile of Coe College for all those essential ingredients and forgotten cooking supplies.


Kohawks fans won’t need to stray all too far from Coe College when they work up a hunger, for there are many restaurants that line the main road of the college grounds. Everything from burgers and sandwiches to coffee and Chinese food is within a short drive or walk of the college grounds. During Kohawks games, allow extra time for service.


The presence of vendors can depend on which sports facility at Coe College a game is held, and whether it’s a game of high importance, such as a semi-final. Vendors who sell food, beverages, and merchandise at Kohawks games may not always accept payment cards, so bring cash with you, just in case.



Coe College welcomes families with open arms, especially to Kohawks games and Coe College tailgating events. As a result, they ensure there is security present at each facility entrance during a Kohawks game.

For RV-goers who will be traveling around Cedar Rapids, Rockford, and other neighboring cities, it’s important to remember your own security practices. Always secure valuables out of sight and lock your RV when you’re not there. There is a police station within a two-mile drive of Coe College for anyone with concerns.


The humid continental climate of Cedar Rapids, which also affects nearby towns and cities like Moline and Omaha, means that travelers may strike some reasonably adverse weather conditions in their travels.

The area is known for cold winters where snow blankets the city, and hot and humid summers with plenty of thunderstorms. Throughout the year, temperatures fluctuate between 12 degrees-Fahrenheit to the high 80s.


Whichever Kohawks game you attend at Coe College, help will always be on hand if you need it. A first-aid team is present to handle sports injuries, but they can help spectators with minor problems, too. For anything serious, dial 911 or head to the nearest hospital within a mile of Coe College.