Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$132 / Night
02013 Coachmen Catalina  Menifee, CA
$280 / Night
02006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
12006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
22006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
32006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
42006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
52006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
62006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
72006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
82006 Itasca Meridian 32T  Redlands, CA
$175 / Night
02016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
12016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
22016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
32016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
42016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
52016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
62016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
72016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
82016 North Trail  Murrieta, CA
$184 / Night
02014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
12014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
22014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
32014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
42014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
52014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
62014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
72014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
82014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
92014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
102014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
112014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
122014 Coachmen Freelander  Menifee, CA
$120 / Night
02013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
12013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
22013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
32013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
42013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
52013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
62013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
72013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
82013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
92013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
102013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
112013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
122013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
132013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
142013 Coleman Expedition  Menifee, CA
$131 / Night
02010 Keystone Outback  Murrieta, CA
12010 Keystone Outback  Murrieta, CA
22010 Keystone Outback  Murrieta, CA
32010 Keystone Outback  Murrieta, CA
42010 Keystone Outback  Murrieta, CA
52010 Keystone Outback  Murrieta, CA
$115 / Night
02001 Keystone Sprinter  Murrieta, CA
12001 Keystone Sprinter  Murrieta, CA
22001 Keystone Sprinter  Murrieta, CA
32001 Keystone Sprinter  Murrieta, CA
42001 Keystone Sprinter  Murrieta, CA
52001 Keystone Sprinter  Murrieta, CA
62001 Keystone Sprinter  Murrieta, CA
$200 / Night
02015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
12015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
22015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
32015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
42015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
52015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
62015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
72015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
82015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
92015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
102015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
112015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
122015 Jayco Greyhawk  Murrieta, CA
$155 / Night
02009 Fleetwood Pioneer  Murrieta, CA
12009 Fleetwood Pioneer  Murrieta, CA
22009 Fleetwood Pioneer  Murrieta, CA
32009 Fleetwood Pioneer  Murrieta, CA
42009 Fleetwood Pioneer  Murrieta, CA
$145 / Night
02015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
12015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
22015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
32015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
42015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
52015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
62015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
72015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
82015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
92015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
102015 Winnebago Ultralite  Oceanside, CA
$140 / Night
0Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
1Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
2Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
3Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
4Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
5Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA

Recent traveler reviews in

Christopher Eckrich
Mark and Sherri are awesome! The van was very beautiful and versatile. Will rent again. Thank you two!
Nika and team were great! They went over everything with us, communicated via text or phone when we had any questions, and really cared about our experience. They also...
I highly recommend renting this RV! The RV is brand new and handles like a sports car! Renting from Nika was a very smooth experience and I will certainly be renting from them...
Nika was so easy to work with! The RV was beautiful, easy to drive and equipped with everything we needed for the weekend. We will definitely be renting from Nika again for our...
It was our first time renting an RV, yes RV virgins. The responsibility was all up to me to make sure 2 families that have never vacationed together before, had a great...
Great RV and terrific service.
What a fantastic van & host! Thank you to Peter for everything. From the moment we enquired about the van, it has been smooth sailing. Peter has put a lot of love into the van...
Paca was the perfect weekend adventure vehicle. Cruise in comfort both on the highway and at the campsite. Josh and Cedar were really easy to coordinate with and did a great job...
The renting process was smooth and the van was great! Highly recommend.
Awesome RV owner.. Super easy to work with and very prepared!
We had a very pleasant experience dealing with Nick and Outdoorsy. Nick, the owner, was very helpful and did a great job explaining everything. The motorhome worked out great...

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Runyon Canyon Trail Los Angeles California
Etiwanda Falls Trail Rancho Cucamonga California
Eaton Canyon Trail Pasadena California
Dawn Mine Trail Loop Altadena California
Winter Creek Santa Anita Canyon Hoegee's Campground Loop Sierra Madre California
Mt. San Antonio & Mt. Baldy Notch Trail Mt Baldy California
Black Star Canyon Trail Silverado California
Sturtevant Falls Trail Sierra Madre California
Temescal Canyon Trail Pacific Palisades California
East Fork Trail (Bridge to Nowhere) Azusa California

Local RV Owners Suggest

Malibu Beach RV Park

25801 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265, USA
WhatRV Park
Amazing views of the ocean! The RV park is located just across PCH, with easy walking access to the beach. By JENNIFER TORO

2605 Stearns St

2605 Stearns St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA

Bolsa Chica State Beach

Bolsa Chica State Beach, California, USA
WhatOcean Front
Great place to camp! It's a quiet place on the beach that's both kid and dog friendly. By JENNIFER TORO