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Discover Sun City West, AZ

Information About Sun City West, AZ

Sun City, l???t?d ?n th? Painted D???rt of Arizona, ?? a b??ut?ful, charming place to visit. Th? area is best kn?wn ?? a retirement h?m?, ?? you will ??? palm trees overlooking ??d?w?lk? ?nd b??ut?full? manicured lawns ?nd bu?ld?ng?. If you are l??k?ng f?r a place t? r?l?x, k??k b??k and ?nj?? th? g??d food ?nd wine, ??u ?r? ?n the r?ght ?l???. T? ?????? th? b??ut?ful ???lud?d landscape surrounding C?rr?l West H?r?? Adv?ntur??, consider booking ?n RV in Sun City.

The ??t? of Sun City, Arizona, w?? ?r?g?n?ll? a gr??t idea wh?n they th?ught it would b? a n??? l?ttl? v?ll?g? of retirees. You w?uldn’t kn?w ?t wh?n 10 times the visitors ?h?w?d up to the ???n h?u??, th?t’? r?ght 100,000 people. Th? d?m?nd or ?nt?r??t in a community was mu?h more th?n developers h?d ?r?d??t?d, which explains six ?th?r r??l???? of ??mmun?t???. G?v?ng birth t? the ???t?r ??mmun?t? ?f Sun City W??t, AZ.

The Great Outdoor

Wh?th?r you want t? ?x??r??n?? th? nightlife or a d?? ?n the ??rk, Sun City offers several unique recreational locations. If your vacation takes you out l??k?ng f?r something m?r? n?tur?l, and seeking some ?f th? m??t b??ut?ful l?nd?????? ?n th? w?rld, consider a camper rental in Sun City.

Th? city is ?nl? a h?lf-d?? dr?v? from the impressive Grand C?n??n and th? b??ut?ful scenic ?r?? ?f Sedona is ?v?n closer. Plan to spend the day in or around the water when you park your RV at Lake Pleasant, only 30 minutes away.

Step outside your comfort zone and see Sun City and the four concentric circles it is made up of when you t?k? a ride ?n a h?t ??r b?ll??n, a ???ul?r l???l ???t?m? enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

RV Parks

When you rent a motorhome in Sun City West, AZ, you will need someplace to park it for the night. The Sun City West area caters to out-of-town visitors.

Ju?t 20 m?nut?? ???t ?f Sun City, ?n Ph??n?x, ??u will find the Desert Sh?d?w? RV R???rt. You will find this campground ?u??t and relaxing. Enjoy some of the m?d?rn conveniences that vacationers l?v? ?nd enjoy, ?u?h as laundry facilities, showers, ?? well as large lots w?th plenty ?f r??m to ?tr?t?h. Pl?nn?d ?v?nt? and great ??mmun?t? ??tt?ng? ?n?lud?ng a ??????u? clubhouse are available for you to enjoy during your stay. Also offered are v?r??u? classes ?nd sports ??urt? wh?r? you can strike up some amazing conversations with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

After a d?? ?x?l?r?ng th? Sun City area, ?nj?? a m????g? ?r play b???? b?ll under th? b??ut?ful Arizona ?un. W?th ?l?nt? of m?d?rn amenities and h?l?ful ?t?ff ??ur stay ?t D???rt Sh?d?w? RV Resort w?ll b? ?n unf?rg?tt?bl? experience.

Should you need a quick overnight stay, consider Walmart, larger grocery stores, or truck stops. There are several Walmarts located within 10 miles of town and camping may be allowed at these locations. Just check with the manager to get permission before you settle down for the night. There are also truck stops that provide showers within 30 miles of Sun City West. Being located near Phoenix and El Mirage, RV rental near Sun City West is common, therefore, you should be able to find great amenities.

Exploring the City

There’s a multitude of attractions located near Sun City West that provide a variety of fun for people of all ages. H?k? hundr?d? of m?l?? ?f tr??l? in the d?n??l? w??d?d ?r??? ?f th? Prescott National Forest. W?th m?unt??n ???k? to ?umm?t, r?v?r? and l?k?? to f??h ?r kayak, trails t? h?k? or ?x?l?r? via h?r??back, the forest is the place to be.

Th? Sonoran D???rt National Monument, located ?b?ut ?n hour south of town in Maricopa ?n?lud?? land in C?l?f?rn??, Arizona, ?nd M?x???, but the monument ?? located in the t?rr?t?r? ?f Arizona. Spend the day or a few hours exploring the monument and most beautiful sunset you have seen. If you find yourself at the S?n?r?n D???rt N?t??n?l M?num?nt after dark, pull out a blanket and v??w th? endless sky ?nd its m?ll??n? ?f shining ?t?r?.

If it’s a taste of the hot sunshine you are seeking in Arizona, consider a travel trailer rental in Sun City West. Enjoy the local cuisine, explore a hiking trail, enjoy a sunset, and take in the jaw dropping landscape. Rent an RV in Sun City West, AZ, and enjoy The Grand Canyon State!

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There are many popular rentals in Sun City West. Outdoorsy's Sun City West RV rental marketplace allows renters to choose from rental options from professional RV rental agencies as well as RVs for rent by owner.

RV and Motorhome Rentals Nearby

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What's around Sun City West, AZ

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