Tucson, Arizona has hot, hot summers. This desert city gets a surprising amount of precipitation because of its elevation. Do some hiking in Madera Canyon, Catalina State Park, or Sabino Canyon. Bring lots of water for the walks. The views at the tops of hills are very rewarding! Visit the Pima Air & Space Museum to see some historic aircraft and get up close with the impressive outdoor collection. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum will give you a close up look at almost every cactus found in the Arizona desert. There are also resident birds and land animals to see. Visit the Tuscon Botanical Garden or B & B Cactus farm to see even more desert flora. An RV rental from a local outdoorsy member near Tucson can take you out into the desert, or bring you closer to the city life.

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The Prince of Tucson RV Park

Tucson, AZ

The Prince of Tucson RV Park is located in a magnificent valley on the northwest side of Tucson, Arizona. Nestled conveniently just off Interstate 10, which provides a direct route to Los Angeles and many points to the East including exciting destinations in Florida. The park provides easy travel to excellent restaurants, shopping, world class golf courses, and other local attractions. The weather in Tucson is spectacular especially during the winter months when many visitors take advantage of the swimming pools and hiking on magnificent trails in the Saguaro National Park and other locations. The climate is perfect for many outdoor activities in the area. The staff at the Prince of Tucson RV Park boasts of the number of returning visitors, and the visitors continually provide outstanding reviews. The staff is happy to provide modem and WiFi facilities that supply guests with the equipment necessary to keep in touch. The park offers daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rates for the entire family and precious pets.

Desert Botanical Garden

Phoenix, AZ

Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the desert through a variety of tours and activities, in fact there are activities for all ages and tastes. Take a night tour and experience the sights, sounds of the desert at night, morning birding tours, conferences, and more.

Camelback Mountain

Phoenix, AZ

Amazing views await at the top of this hiking trail, with an elevation of 2,704 feet. You can enjoy wilderness in the middle of an urban jungle. The unique geology, fauna, and flora will leave you with long lasting memories.

Heard Museum

Phoenix, AZ

A museum where you can learn about Native arts and cultures, through a unique personal point of view. Heard Museum collaborates with Native people to present their stories, arts and cultures. You can see exhibits by Friday Kalho, and several exhibits that showcase South Western Native peoples.

The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Village, AZ

The Grand Canyon will leave you with awe inspiring memories that will beckon you to come back. This is one of the most famous natural attractions in the U.S. and probably the world. Make sure to visit Havasu Canyon located within the Havasupai Indian Reservation and bask in the beauty of the Havasu Falls, and go to Comanche Point for more stunning views. If you?re into hiking there are many varied trails for experienced and non-experienced hikers. Or you can also experience the canyon from helicopter tours, rafting, or on the back of a mule.

Antelope Canyon

, AZ

Located in Navajo Nation this slot canyon will inspire your imagination as you meander around walls that measure 120 feet above the streambed. One of the most sacred places for the Navajo is the Rainbow Bridge Trail. This is the highest natural bridge in the world, the length is 275 feet and the width measures 33 feet. You can also see the spiral rock arches, which sounds just as psychedelic as it looks. Visit this dreamscape and get lost in its beauty

Shield's Date Garden

Indio, CA

Visit Shield's Date Garden for an interesting experience in Indio, California. The cafe has everything dates. Date pancakes, date burgers, stuffed dates, and date shakes. The gift shop has unique trinkets, retro items, and quirky things you won't see anywhere else. You can also buy organic dates or date crystals for baking, even if you don't take the tour or eat at the restaurant. The movie about dates and the tour about dates will surprise you with all there is to know about dates. They are much more versatile than you ever thought! The restaurant itself is very retro, with a counter and booths to sit in. It has an outdoor patio, and you can visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also buy dates to take back with you, of course! You can choose from more than 10 varieties of dates. Shield's Date Garden is a surprising gem to find in the desert environment of Indio, California!

Coachella Music Festival

Palm Springs, CA

The annual Coachella Music Festival is a beacon for those who love nothing more than the experience of live music. Multiple tents play live music from several different genres including electronic, hip hop and alternative rock all night long. Grab a drink, grab a friend and dance until you can't anymore!

Stagecoach Country Music Festival

Palm Springs, CA

Coachella is a little bit rock and roll, but how about a little bit country? The Stagecoach Country Music Festival is one of the most anticipated country music festivals of the year. With performances by the top country music artists, this festival is the place to be for anyone who is truly a country music fan.

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Palm Springs, CA

The Palm Springs International Film Festival has been an annual tradition for the past 27 years. As one of the most respected film festivals in the country, it boasts a cultural diversity and depth matched by few others. Nearly 200 films from 60 different countries represent the best in international cinema, earning an enthusiastic and loyal audience of 137,000 people.

San Diego Zoo

Escondido, CA

San Diego Zoo was one of the first institutions to create cage-less exhibits that re-create natural habitats and ecosystems. It has one of the largest free-flight exhibit to view birds. It is also famous because it is one of the few zoos in the world that is home to the giant panda. You can view the zoo on an overhead gondola, or if you?d rather stay on the ground you can also ride a bus. The zoo is known for its conservation and species preservation initiatives, it raises California condors, African black rhinos, and over 100 endangered species. If you seek adventure, you can also choose from different Safari tours such as: Jungle Ropes Safari, Cheetah Safari, or you can spend the night at the park on a Road and Tour Safari. The San Diego Zoo has it all. Parking is available for your RV rental.

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