Scottsdale, AZ RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$300 / Night
01975 Airstream Ambassador  Phoenix, AZ
11975 Airstream Ambassador  Phoenix, AZ
21975 Airstream Ambassador  Phoenix, AZ
31975 Airstream Ambassador  Phoenix, AZ
$113 / Night
02009 Trail Sport 25s  Tempe, AZ
$96 / Night
01977 Airstream Land Yacht  Phoenix, AZ
$119 / Night
02017 Starcraft Launch  Tempe, AZ
12017 Starcraft Launch  Tempe, AZ
22017 Starcraft Launch  Tempe, AZ
32017 Starcraft Launch  Tempe, AZ
42017 Starcraft Launch  Tempe, AZ
52017 Starcraft Launch  Tempe, AZ
62017 Starcraft Launch  Tempe, AZ
$285 / Night
02008 Damon Astoria  Scottsdale, AZ
12008 Damon Astoria  Scottsdale, AZ
22008 Damon Astoria  Scottsdale, AZ
32008 Damon Astoria  Scottsdale, AZ
42008 Damon Astoria  Scottsdale, AZ
$65 / Night
01971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
11971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
21971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
31971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
41971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
51971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
61971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
71971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
81971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
91971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
101971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
111971 Metzendorf  Tempe, AZ
$145 / Night
02017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
12017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
22017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
32017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
42017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
52017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
62017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
72017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
82017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
92017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
102017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
112017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
122017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
132017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
142017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
152017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
162017 Keystone Passport  Tempe, AZ
$249 / Night
02017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
12017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
22017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
32017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
42017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
52017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
62017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
72017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
82017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
92017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
102017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
112017 Winnebago Travato  Phoenix, AZ
$120 / Night
02017 Ford Transit Connect  Phoenix, AZ
12017 Ford Transit Connect  Phoenix, AZ
22017 Ford Transit Connect  Phoenix, AZ
32017 Ford Transit Connect  Phoenix, AZ
42017 Ford Transit Connect  Phoenix, AZ
$99 / Night
02017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
12017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
22017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
32017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
42017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
52017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
62017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
72017 Starcraft Launch  Scottsdale, AZ
$176 / Night
02015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
12015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
22015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
32015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
42015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
52015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
62015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
72015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
82015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
92015 Pioneer 26bhs  Scottsdale, AZ
$223 / Night
02012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
12012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
22012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
32012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
42012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
52012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
62012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
72012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
82012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
92012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
102012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
112012 Dutchmen Voltage  Mesa, AZ
$176 / Night
02000 Safari Zanzibar 3896  Tempe, AZ
$120 / Night
02017 Coleman  Phoenix, AZ
12017 Coleman  Phoenix, AZ
22017 Coleman  Phoenix, AZ
32017 Coleman  Phoenix, AZ
42017 Coleman  Phoenix, AZ
52017 Coleman  Phoenix, AZ

Recent traveler reviews in Scottsdale, AZ

Great RV and hassle free!! This RV is fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your trip. One of the best parts is not having to worry about miles, generator use etc, it...
This RV was fantastic, it included everything you could possibly need to have a relaxing and comfy vacation. They included fresh linens, towels, any and all utensils, even chairs...
Running lights fuse blew other that that the RV drove great, with no problems We went 4000 miles and it handled it very well.
David was amazing to work with! His RV is a home away from home. He has stocked it with many amenities. I would highly recommend him!
David was extremely accommodating! He thought of everything we would need. This was our first experience renting. And it was a great one. Love that everything was included. No...
First, David was amazing to work with. He was very responsive to every message and question I had. He was thorough going through everything with my husband and available for...
We had an AMAZING week traveling all over Arizona in David's RV. It was perfect for our family of five. David provided EVERYTHING we needed including great tips and full and...
Responsive, thorough host with a Simplicity in excellent condition (with some thoughtful additions). Tony won us over with his thorough training, flexibility, and overall level...
The owner, Tony, is awesome! He was incredibly helpful on all aspects of the RV and also with related general "RVing" questions. He had a number of relevant suggestions for...
I can't say enough good things about Tony or his RV. My boyfriend and I spent three nights in the van and wished we could have stayed longer. It is comfortable, clean and easy to...
Everything from pick up to drop off went like clockwork. The RV was in showroom condition, well equipped with everything you could possibly need and very well organized. The RV...
We had a great trip with Tony's RV. Tony took great care in equipping the vehicle for a comfortable trip. Everything you could need is provided for and the vehicle is in...

Information About Scottsdale, AZ

There is nothing more relaxing that getting cozy next to a campfire and sinking your teeth into some piping hot chili and cornbread. This is the experience you can look forward to when you choose Arizona for your next vacation. Instead of booking a room at a resort, experience Scottsdale cowboy style in a rented RV. You can rent an RV in Scottsdale and camp out on the open range. You can enjoy a true desert sunset and listen to the sound of wild animals off in the distance. Scottsdale is a city where the sun always shines. It is an oasis in the desert that will be memorable for your whole family. Scottsdale has several miles of bicycle and hiking trails where you can roam around looking at exotic plants and insects. if you like to golf, play a few rounds at the local courses with a cold beverage in hand. You will get to experience the true spirit of the west and embark on some amazing journeys. While you are in the area, travel out to the mountains and enjoy a day of rock climbing or rent an ATV and check out the canyons and open areas. You will see some spectacular views so make sure you bring a camera. Avoid the ritz and glamour of expensive luxury resorts and explore what nature has in store for you.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Cholla Trail Phoenix Arizona
Echo Canyon Summit Trail Phoenix Arizona
Flatiron Via Siphon Draw Trail Apache Junction Arizona
Peralta Trail Gold Canyon Arizona
Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300 Phoenix Arizona
Cathedral Rock Trail Sedona Arizona
Tom's Thumb Trail Scottsdale Arizona
Devils Bridge Trail Sedona Arizona
Hieroglyphic Trail Gold Canyon Arizona
Wind Cave Trail Mesa Arizona

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20585 E Price Station Rd, Florence, AZ 85132, USA
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Four-day passes are available for three easy and incredibly low payments of $53 - there is no better value in country music. Reserved seating, camping, glamping and all the extras are also available. By Bruce and Lizane Mayer