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Salt Lake City, UT RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$140 / Night
02007 Jayco Greyhawk  Roy, UT
12007 Jayco Greyhawk  Roy, UT
22007 Jayco Greyhawk  Roy, UT
32007 Jayco Greyhawk  Roy, UT
42007 Jayco Greyhawk  Roy, UT
52007 Jayco Greyhawk  Roy, UT
2007 Jayco Greyhawk
$118 / Night
02015 Jayco Jay Flight  Ogden, UT
2015 Jayco Jay Flight
$25 / Night
02005 Flatbed Trailer  Orem, UT
12005 Flatbed Trailer  Orem, UT
22005 Flatbed Trailer  Orem, UT
2005 Flatbed Trailer
$170 / Night
0Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
1Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
2Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
3Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
4Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
5Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
6Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
7Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
8Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
9Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
10Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
11Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
12Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
13Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
14Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
15Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
16Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
17Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
18Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
19Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
20Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
21Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
22Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
23Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
24Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
25Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
26Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
27Keystone Hideout  West Haven, UT
Keystone Hideout
West HavenUT
$106 / Night
02010 Keystone Hideout  Orem, UT
12010 Keystone Hideout  Orem, UT
22010 Keystone Hideout  Orem, UT
32010 Keystone Hideout  Orem, UT
42010 Keystone Hideout  Orem, UT
52010 Keystone Hideout  Orem, UT
2010 Keystone Hideout
$170 / Night
034' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
134' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
234' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
334' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
434' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
534' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
634' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
734' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
834' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
934' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
1034' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
1134' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
1234' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
1334' Fleetwood Pace Arrow  Eden, UT
34' Fleetwood Pace Arrow
$30 / Night
02006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
12006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
22006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
32006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
42006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
52006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
62006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
72006 Dutchmen T@B  Provo, UT
2006 Dutchmen T@B

Recent traveler reviews in Salt Lake City, UT

Awesome little trailer. No difference in MPG... I didn't even notice I was towing it. It was new, clean, and comfortable. Would recommend.
User Avatar
laura de backer
2017 Perkgana Hedgehog
100% fabulous. Kyle is an awesome, down to earth guy with a very sweet rig. This Cricket was terrific for me, my wife, and our two little girls for exploring the Grand Teton...
Kyle was incredibly accommodating scheduling the pickup and drop-off to match my schedule. The Cricket was a great little camper that was easy to tow with my 2-door Wrangler.
Kyle is a great host and the Cricket trailer was exactly as described, self contained, easy to use, comfortable. Highly recommended!
Kyle communicates very well, is very helpful and super enthusiastic about his great Cricket trailer.
Great trailer. Kyle was really good to work with. Very helpful.
Kyle is awesome! He is very patient. He showed us all of the features of the camper. He helped me remember a few items when I called. He had everything ready when we arrived...
Kyle was awesome! Super helpful and accommodating.
Kyle was polite, accommodating and professional. This was my first time towing a trailer and "The Cricket" was an easy introduction for a beginner. We especially liked the...
Julie was excellent to work with and her R-Pod was perfect for our small group trip to the Tetons. Really excellent experience!
Julie Osterkamp
R-Pod Ready for Adventure!
I didn't get to see the R-Pod, but Julie was amazing to work with and super flexible. I highly recommend working with Julie if you are nervous about renting a camper online.
Julie Osterkamp
R-Pod Ready for Adventure!
Julie really set us up for success! The R-Pod was completely reliable and cozy during our 6 day trip to Moab. We loved every moment of this rental. We will be using Julie & her...
Julie Osterkamp
R-Pod Ready for Adventure!

Information About Salt Lake City, UT

Renting an RV in Salt Lake City to see the unique and beautiful ecosystem that thrives in the snow-capped Wasatch Range Mountains is a incredible experience. The placid waters of Great Salt Lake is a great place to bring your RV rental from Salt Lake City. It also is what makes Salt Lake City a such a great place for discovery and exploration. Enjoying the natural surroundings of your RV rental through Outdoorsy in Salt Lake City, you'll see a long history that includes both the heritage of the United States as a nation and ancient natural events, making this region of Utah a haven for naturalists, geologists, and historians alike. Salt Lake City also has all of the big city amenities you need, whether you're shopping for outdoor camping gear or looking for a cool club to spend the night. RV rentals in Salt Lake City you will explore the surrounding region, which is still virtually untouched and undeveloped and consists of mountain peaks, virgin forests, temperate deserts, many under the protection of state, federal, or private interests. You can also concentrate on other interesting activities with your RV rental from Salt Lake City, like the International Dark Sky Park near Ogden, or come during the winter and visit all four major ski resorts that are within just minutes of Salt Lake City. Rent an RV in Salt Lake City and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Stewart Falls Trail Pleasant Grove Utah
Lake Blanche Trail Salt Lake City Utah
Mount Olympus Trail Salt Lake City Utah
Adams Canyon Trail Layton Utah
Red Pine Lake Trail Sandy Utah
Silver Lake Trail Alpine Utah
Donut Falls Trail Salt Lake City Utah
Bells Canyon Trail to Lower Falls Sandy Utah
The Living Room Trail Salt Lake City Utah
Cecret Lake Trail Alta Utah

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Zions Park

Zions Park, UT 84106, USA
WhatNational Park
Known for
Zions park has some great hikes if you enjoy hiking. It has some beautiful areas that you can drive as well. There are other national parks close as well. By Chad Chandler

Granger-Hunter Improvement

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Kamas, UT 84036, USA