State Parks in Maine

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State Parks

Acadia National Park, ME

56 RV rentals

Located 50 miles from Bangor, Maine, Acadia National Park features some of the highest rocky headlands along the Atlantic coast, as well as several stone bridges, hiking trails, and carriage roads. The Schoodic Peninsula and Isle au Haut are also part of the park. Planning a road trip in the Northeast? Book an RV in Hancock County, Maine and spend a few days exploring Acadia National Park and the surrounding communities.

Bass Harbor and Corea are small fishing villages where you can experience amazingly fresh seafood. Rent a camper near Acadia National Park so you can spend time exploring all the sights Maine has to offer.

Aroostook State Park, ME

2 RV rentals

The northernmost county in Maine is also the northernmost county in the continental U.S. Known for its scenic backdrops and peaceful isolation, Aroostook County is a great place for taking an RV camping trip. Just a short drive, midway between Caribou and Bridgewater, nestled in the city of Presque Isle, is Maine’s first park: Aroostook State Park.

In 1938, the citizens of Presque Isle, Maine donated 100 acres of land to the state to be used as a state park. Over the years, more and more land has been donated, and today, the park is over 800 acres large. Its main draws include the nearly 1,100-acre Echo Lake, the 600 acres of wooded trails, and the Quaggy Jo …

Baxter State Park, ME

34 RV rentals

Baxter State Park is a pristine wilderness area that occupies more than 200,000 acres and protects a patchwork of shimmering lakes, lush forests, and rugged mountain peaks. The park was pioneered by Percival P. Baxter, former governor of Maine and passionate wilderness lover who harbored a "magnificent obsession" with nature. Today, his legacy lives on at Baxter State Park, where you'll find scenic nature trails, serene paddling routes, and picturesque picnic spots. Adventure buffs can sink their teeth into the park's notoriously challenging hikes, rock climbing routes, and scrambles.

Dreaming of fresh mountain air and stunning scenery? Book an RV in Piscataquis County and you can sleep under the stars at Baxter State Park. Whether you're traveling with the family …

Bradbury Mountain State Park, ME

190 RV rentals

This state park is found in the southern portion of Maine. The small town of Pownal, lies just outside the park's borders, while the larger town of Freeport is located around six miles to the southeast. The nearest large city is Portland, found about 20 miles to the south, while the Atlantic Ocean is also a mere 20 miles away.

Bradbury Mountain State Park is mostly wooded and allows visitors to enjoy a variety of activities, such as camping, bike riding, hiking trails, and picnic facilities. The park's claim to fame is that it was one of the state's original, five state parks. This is also a prime spot for viewing leaf colors in the fall.

Camden Hills State Park, ME

81 RV rentals

Camden, Maine is a lovely coastal New England town nestled twenty minutes south of Belfast, an hour east of Augusta, and about two hours north of Portland. This town is home to a quaint downtown area, the Marshall Point Lighthouse, and of course, Camden Hills State Park.

Between 1935 and 1947, the CCC and the National Parks service teamed up to build this 1,500-acre park which eventually grew to be the 5,500-acre park that we know today. They worked together to carve out walking paths and build toll houses and picnic pavilions along the natural landscape. The park envelopes Mt. Battie, which is classically known as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the state. It also …

Cobscook Bay State Park, ME

28 RV rentals

One of the nation’s oldest parks, Cobscook Bay State Park is on a small peninsula of volcanic soil and sediment that extends out into Whiting Bay. Originally a part of Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge, Cobscook Bay State Park was split off in 1964, as a part of a change in Maine’s legislation. Moosehorn (and Cobscook Bay) was first created in 1937 using funds from the Federal Duck Stamp Program. The creation was engineered by President Franklin D. Roosevelt after he summered on nearby Campobello Island. He was so entranced by the wild, fiery coast that he felt it had to be protected.

Cobscook is a Maliseet-Passamaquoddy Native American word that roughly means “boiling tides.” Tides in Whiting Bay change drastically …

Grafton Notch State Park, ME

120 RV rentals

Comfortably situated in the southwest hemisphere of Maine, Grafton Notch State Park is a beautiful recreational area filled with extreme hiking matched with unparalleled views and light walking around the fragrant Maine woods. With the scenic city of Waterford just 45 minutes away and rural Andover ten minutes closer, you’ll have a blast exploring the picturesque countryside with both your camera and your campervan. Whether you're looking to view the changing colors in fall or enjoy the park in its finest hour in spring, it all starts with a search for an RV in Oxford County to get your vacation started.

Evidence of the massive power of water at every turn, Grafton Notch State Park features an environment completely designed …

Lamoine State Park, ME

55 RV rentals

This park sits in the southern coastal portion of the state, not far from Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. It is situated on the coast of Maine, on the shores of the narrow portion of Frenchman's Bay and the other waterways that separate several of the islands from the mainland. The town nearest to the park is Lamoine, though it is fairly small. The nearest large town is Ellsworth, found less than 10 miles to the northwest. The nearest large city is Bangor, which is around 40 miles to the northwest.

There are plenty of fun things to do here including, water sports, beach activities, camping, hiking, and picnicking. The majority of the park is comprised …

Lily Bay State Park, ME

36 RV rentals

Settled under an hour away from the quaint town of Sangerville, Lily Bay State campers can expect to experience the unique beauty of Maine's shores and pebbled beaches. Located inside the breathtaking Maine Highlands Region, Lily Bay State Park is comfortably situated next to the over 40-mile long Moosehead Lake. Activities there include hiking, swimming, photography, fishing, and picnicking. Years prior to the park’s creation, Scott Paper Company gifted part of the rugged landscape in Beaver’s Cove to the state of Maine. In 1959, this landscape was instrumental in forming the Lily Bay State Park you can explore today.

While at the spacious, 925-acre park, you can step into the great outdoors and walk along the dirt road of …

Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge, ME

39 RV rentals

Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge, in the state of Maine, has several properties on the mainland coast plus several islands as part of its territory. Each of the properties has numerous diverse landscapes, including forest tree stands, coastal peatlands, barrens and swamps, and more. This diversity has attracted a wide range of wildlife; black ducks, pintail, green-winged teal, and mallards take refuge here while migrating south. They feed on the resident invertebrates and pockets of wild rice before continuing on.

When you head to Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge with your Steuben motorhome rental, bring the binoculars. Bald eagles are among the permanent residents who nest in the mainland park areas and on the islands, while seabirds nest solely on …

Popham Beach State Park, ME

175 RV rentals

Popham Beach State Park is set at the mouth of the Kennebec River and lures beach lovers with soft sand, rolling waves, and plenty of sunshine. When you're not relaxing on the beach or making a splash in the Atlantic, spend your days exploring character-soaked fishing villages, admiring historic lighthouses, and devouring Pine Tree State staples like lobster rolls, crab cakes, and freshly shucked oysters.

Planning a road trip to the Atlantic Coast? Book an RV in Sagadahoc County and you can choose from a whimsical lineup of coastal campgrounds near Popham Beach State Park, ranging from full-service RV parks to rustic sites set among towering white pines. With a motorhome on wheels, you'll have the freedom to venture further …

Rangeley Lake State Park, ME

102 RV rentals

Northwestern Maine is known for its beauty and charm. The towering mountain peaks bring color and life to the area. About one hour south of Bigelow Preserve, two and a half hours from Mount Washington, and just under two hours from Augusta is Rangeley Lake State Park. Its biggest draw being Rangeley Lake, this 869-acre park is a lovely place to camp in a motorhome rental.

Rangeley Lake began gaining popularity in the 1860s as a go-to spot for anglers. People started falling in love with the area and noticing its true natural wonder. During the 1950s, the park was built in order to help preserve the underdeveloped land and keep it suitable for fishing enthusiasts and other …

Sebago Lake State Park, ME

203 RV rentals

The park is found in the southwestern portion of the state and was one of the first state parks to be developed in Maine. The resort town of Naples, lies just outside the park's borders, while a larger town, Windham, is found about 13 miles to the southeast. The nearest large city is Portland, located approximately 30 miles to the southeast, and sits on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

The park is largely forested, with the Crooked River splitting it down the middle. The site offers a variety of activities, including camping, hiking, biking and picnicking. As it sits on a large lake, it offers visitors the chance to enjoy numerous water and paddle sports, as …

Vaughan Woods State Park, ME

318 RV rentals

Vaughan Woods State Park was officially established upon the demise of the Maine Vaughan family lineage. The history of this small tract of land is long and storied. The patch of land was sold to the Vaughan family in 1661; however, they didn’t establish residency until 1791. The property remained in the family for generations until 1949 when the last surviving descendant, Elizabeth Vaughan, left the land to the state of Maine. Shortly after, she passed, and the land changed ownership. Maine officially established the property as a state park in the early 1950s.

Although Vaughan Woods State Park is small with only around 250 acres, the setting makes for a pleasant afternoon of picnics, play, and short hikes. The …