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State Parks in Tennessee

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State Parks

Fall Creek Falls State Park, TN

452 RV rentals

A charming state park that protects around 26,000 acres, Fall Creek Falls State Park is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting outdoor recreation areas in the entire country. Home to mesmerizing streams, waterfalls, and gorges, this park is an outdoor oasis for all those who relish being in nature and exploring its secrets. Due to its close proximity to Doyle (25 miles) and Pikeville (12 miles), the park is a convenient place to go camping with an RV.

Aside from its dazzling vistas, Fall Creek Falls State Park also impresses with its variety of recreational activities suitable for …

Montgomery Bell State Park, TN

337 RV rentals

Once upon a time, the land in and around Montgomery Bell State Park was located right at the heart of central Tennessee's iron industry. But times have changed since the early days of the 19th century, and the park is now a favorite vacation destination for RV campers keen to enjoy a host of recreational activities.

Located in Burns, Tennessee, around 40 minutes west of Nashville, Montgomery Bell State Park covers more than 3,700 acres of wooded terrain. It offers an extensive network of hiking and biking trails, an 18-hole golf course, and three lakes for fishing and boating. …

Cumberland Mountain State Park, TN

347 RV rentals

Set on the shores of Byrd Lake, Cumberland Mountain State Park lures outdoor lovers with scenic hiking trails, splash-happy water sports, and picturesque picnic sites. Once a recreational area for local homestead families relocated as part of the New Deal program, today, the 1,700-acre park welcomes visitors from across the country and beyond. There's a dash of history thrown in for good measure, with sites like the Stone Arch Bridge and Homestead House Museum recalling the park's fascinating past.

Venture further afield and you can explore nearby state parks like Fall Creek Falls and Rock Island, as well as other …

Frozen Head State Park, TN

230 RV rentals

Just seven miles away from the small town of Wartburg is a craggy and wooded paradise for mountaineers, RV campers, and bird watchers called Frozen Head State Park. The park encompasses nearly 24,000 acres and is named after the snow-capped peaks of the Cumberland Mountains.

The lower section of the park is comprised of mesophytic forest characterized by maple, tulip poplar, hemlock, and oak trees, whereas the upper slopes mainly consist of chestnut oaks and shortleaf pines. However, in spite of the natural beauty and tranquil surroundings, there's a strange and unnerving echo lingering on the land. The reason for …

Pickett State Park, TN

235 RV rentals

Located northeast of Jamestown, Pickett State Park is nestled in the surrounding 19,200-acre Pickett State Forest. The park's caves, craggy wilderness, and natural crossings of the Cumberland Plateau lure visitors from all over Tennessee and beyond. The park is characterized by a unique microclimate, geological formations, rich biodiversity, and clear mountain streams. Botanists, ecologists, hikers, RV campers, and archeology enthusiasts love to spend their vacation enjoying the wonders of the park.

The park’s trails are really popular, as some of the rare plants, such as Rockhouse featherbells, Lucy Braun’s snakeroot, and Cumberland sandwort, can be found along the way. …

Reelfoot Lake State Park, TN

87 RV rentals

Reelfoot Lake State Park in Tiptonville is the perfect destination for boating enthusiasts. The lake is about 15,000 acres and was created in the early 19th century when a series of earthquakes caused the Mississippi River to flow backward. Eventually, nature corrected itself and the river began flowing normally, but the lake was already created. The lake is unique in that it is essentially a flooded forest where cypress trees rise out of the water and stumps are fully submerged.

Camping at Reelfoot Lake State Park is a great way to enjoy a weekend in the Tennessee backcountry. Bring your …

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area, TN

237 RV rentals

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area can be found in both the states of Kentucky and Tennesee and lies between Lake Barkley and Lake Kentucky. Located only a few miles from the cities of Clarksville, TN, Nashville, TN, and Bowling Green, KY, Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area is interwoven in the history of both western Kentucky and western Tennessee.

Lying between such major rivers and lakes, campers visit Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area every year to soak up the fantastic lakeside recreation as well as the rich natural surroundings. All this makes for the …

Mousetail Landing State Park, TN

278 RV rentals

Covering 1247 acres on the east banks of the Tennessee River lies Mousetail Landing State Park. The uniquely named park is said to have got its name from the Civil War era. One of the nearby factories caught fire, and so many mice escaped, and the area became known as Mousetail Landing.

Mousetail Landing State Park was established in 1986, meaning it is one of the most recent additions to the Tennessee state park system. There are plenty of things for visitors to do, including fishing, hiking, picnicking and swimming, and providing camping facilities. So, what are you waiting for? …

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