Palm Springs, CA RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$250 / Night
02010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
12010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
22010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
32010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
42010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
52010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
62010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
72010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
82010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
92010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
102010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
112010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
122010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
132010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
142010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
152010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
162010 Fleetwood Terra  Ontario, CA
$165 / Night
02003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
12003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
22003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
32003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
42003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
52003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
62003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
72003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
82003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
92003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
102003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
112003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
122003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
132003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
142003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
152003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
162003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
172003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
182003 Winnebago Brave  Oceanside, CA
$125 / Night
0Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
1Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
2Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
3Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
4Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
5Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
6Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
7Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
8Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
9Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
10Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
11Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
12Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
13Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
14Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
15Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
16Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
17Traveling Brooks Abode  Carlsbad, CA
$250 / Night
02008 Damon Astoria  Carlsbad, CA
12008 Damon Astoria  Carlsbad, CA
22008 Damon Astoria  Carlsbad, CA
$140 / Night
0Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
1Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
2Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
3Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
4Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
5Beach Baby  Oceanside, CA
$302 / Night
02009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
12009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
22009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
32009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
42009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
52009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
62009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
72009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
82009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
92009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
102009 Monaco Cayman  Oceanside, CA
$350 / Night
01946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
11946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
21946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
31946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
41946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
51946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
61946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
71946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
81946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
91946 Airstream Liner  Chino, CA
$285 / Night
0Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
1Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
2Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
3Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
4Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
5Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
6Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
7Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
8Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
9Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
10Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
11Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
12Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
13Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
14Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
15Airstream 25FB Safari  Chino, CA
$246 / Night
0Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
1Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
2Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
3Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
4Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
5Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
6Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
7Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
8Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
9Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
10Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
11Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
12Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
13Airstream 27FB International  Chino, CA
$393 / Night
02016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
12016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
22016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
32016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
42016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
52016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
62016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
72016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
82016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
92016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
102016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
112016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
122016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
132016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
142016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
152016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
162016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
172016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
182016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
192016 Airstream Flying Cloud  Chino, CA
$307 / Night
0Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
1Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
2Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
3Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
4Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
5Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
6Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
7Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
8Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA
9Airstream 28 Safari  Chino, CA

Recent traveler reviews in Palm Springs, CA

I cannot say enough great things about Shasta! If you're looking for a camper to enjoy in one of the many campgrounds in Joshua Tree, look no further. Craig was amazing from...
We have jus completed a fantastic 3 day rental of a trailer through Joe. It was a pleasure to deal with him from beginning to end. He was prompt to reply to our questions before...
Joe Abercrombie
Freedom Express
Joe always does a great job.
Joe Abercrombie
2012 Damon Daybreak
We had a few dirty dishes in the cupboards, and crumbs in storage compartments. Linens, towels were fine, and well equipped with necessary pots, dishes, chairs. Delivery and...
Always a pleasure to deal with jimmy and Ed. I will continue to use Class A always, a great experience all the time.
Always a great experience with Class A!
Ken was super accommodating and helpful. Very quick to respond to texts and phone calls. Enjoyed the trailer and his great customer service!
Ken was accommodating and helpful. He provided all needed equipment and was free to answer any questions. We would definitely rent from him again.
It was a great experience. He delivered the trailer, it was clean and nice. Very nice, easy to reach and he responded in a timely manner. I would certainly rent from him again.
I highly recommend Ken and his 2016 Pacific Coachworks Mighty Lite trailer. Ken was so responsive from my initial inquiry all the way through to my security deposit release. He...
Fantastic trip to see my father-in-law in Wyoming without the expense of owning a RV. Working with Sosa was a pleasure and we appreciate his insightful sharing of his property!...
Esosa Ogunbor
2018 freelander coachmen
Sosa was very accommodating to our schedule and was very responsive in his communication before and during the rental. I would highly recommend renting from Sosa!
Esosa Ogunbor
2018 freelander coachmen

Information About Palm Springs, CA

Palm springs is a sunny, desert oasis vacation destination and a beacon for musicians, artists and performers. With huge events like Cochella, and Palm Springs International Film Festival, Palm Springs has much to offer for those interested in the arts. If dining, partying and relaxing are more your thing, Palm Springs has you covered there too. Whether it's huge events, relaxing by the pool or doing a bit of stargazing (both kinds), Palm Springs is the perfect place for your vacation! There is a huge selection of RV rentals available on Outdoorsy for the Palm Springs area. From toy haulers to luxury motorhome rentals we have you covered. With the dry desert climate of palm springs you can take your RV rental to Joshua Tree, the high mountains or further out into the lost for a wonderful RV rental adventure.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Etiwanda Falls Trail Rancho Cucamonga California
Dawn Mine Trail Loop Altadena California
Sturtevant Falls Trail Sierra Madre California
Cowles Mountain Trail San Diego California
East Fork Trail (Bridge to Nowhere) Azusa California
Winter Creek Santa Anita Canyon Hoegee's Campground Loop Sierra Madre California
Potato Chip Rock via Mt. Woodson Trail Poway California
Iron Mountain Trail Poway California
Black Star Canyon Trail Silverado California
Eaton Canyon Trail Pasadena California

Local RV Owners Suggest

Thousand Trails Idyllwild

24400 Canyon Trail, Idyllwild, CA 92549, USA

Stagecoach Festival

81-800 Avenue 51, Indio, CA 92201, USA
WhatMusic Festival
We've been attending Stagecoach yearly for 4 years. We love taking our coach out there and camping within the festival grounds for easy access to the concerts. Always a good time! By JENNIFER TORO


Indio, CA, USA

Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center

6554 Park Blvd, Joshua Tree, CA 92252, USA
WhatNational Park
Known for
Merely 45 minutes down the road feels more like you've been transported to another planet. A visit to J-Tree is cathartic. By Chris Nelson

South Fork Campground

S Fork Campground, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305, USA

Vail Lake Resort

CA-79, Temecula, CA 92592, USA

Holloway's Marina & RV Park

398 Edgemoor Rd, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315, USA

Pechanga Resort & Casino

45000 Pechanga Pkwy, Temecula, CA 92592, USA

Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead, CA, USA