State Parks near Kauai, HI

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State Parks

Ewa Forest Reserve, HI

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Situated in the middle part of Oahu, the Ewa Forest Reserve is home to some of the finest hiking trails on the island. The reserve sits just a couple of miles away from Haleiwa, Waipahu, and Honolulu. The central position of the park on the island makes it a perfect spot to base your Pearl City camper rental while exploring Oahu. Covering an expansive tract of land stretching from the Ewa Central Plains across the majestic Koolau Mountain Range and into the valleys of Northern Oahu, the reserve attracts all kinds of adventurers throughout the year. For a taste of what motorhome camping in Oahu feels like, search for an RV in Honolulu County and make memories …

Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, HI

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Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge is one of three nature preserves on Kauai Island; it is also the oldest of the three, having been established in 1972. It is located on the island's north shore and surrounded by a range of mountains known for spectacular waterfalls. The purpose of the refuge is to protect several species of endangered birds. Some of the birds are native to the area, while many other species were introduced after the park had been opened. The valley is flat with rivers flowing through and has steep wooded hillsides lining the base of the surrounding mountains.

The refuge is near the similarly-named city Hanalei, where you can gather supplies, groceries, or just relax. There is a …

Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve, HI

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The Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve is situated on the southeast portion of the main Hawaiian island, of Oahu. The small city of Manoa is found just to the southwest of this site, while the large city of Honolulu, which is also the state's capital, is located less than five miles to the west. Another larger town, Kaneohe, is located less than 10 miles to the north of the reserve.

This part of the island is comprised mostly of a rainforest and jungle environment. It is warm throughout the year, so it is a haven for outdoor recreational opportunities. In addition to the local forest, the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean are also within a short drive of …

Napali Coast State Park, HI

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Napali Coast State Park can be found on Hawaii’s Kauai Island. The park spans over 6,175 acres and is best known for its staggering cliffs and impressive views of the Pacific Ocean. The area was designated a state park as a way to help protect the delicate ecosystem of the nearby Kalalau Valley.

Besides its beautiful landscape, the park is also home to a rich history. The land was once inhabited by Polynesian explorers and later was visited by James Cook. Explorers of the park can often see the remains of former homes and various other cultural sites during their visit.

Wailua River State Park, HI

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Wailua River State Park, found on the eastern side of Kauai island in Hawaii, is the site of the Wailua Complex. The Wailua Complex was used as a power center for the rulers of the island for several decades. Though several structures are no longer standing, archaeologists have established digs to learn more about this complex. One particular feature, called Holoholokū Heiau, has been restored. It was a particular spot at which high-ranking women would give birth and bury the afterbirth, which was an important ritual. Throughout Wailua River State Park are centuries-old trails that can still be used today. It’s said that ghost warriors walk these trails at nighttime.

The closest large town is Lihue, which has a …