State Parks near Maui, HI

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State Parks

Akaka Falls State Park, HI

25 RV rentals

Akaka Falls State Park is located on the eastern coast of Hawaii Island, which is also called the Big Island. The small town of Honomu sits just outside the park's boundaries. The nearest larger town is Hilo, which is situated less than 20 miles to the southeast. This city and Kailua-Kona, which is found almost 90 miles to the west, on the west coast of the island, are the two largest cities on this isle.

Akaka Falls State Park is situated within the jungle terrain that these islands are known for. There are numerous ways to enjoy the local area, from hikes and sightseeing tours to scenic drives to the summits of extinct volcanoes. There are so many …

Ewa Forest Reserve, HI

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Situated in the middle part of Oahu, the Ewa Forest Reserve is home to some of the finest hiking trails on the island. The reserve sits just a couple of miles away from Haleiwa, Waipahu, and Honolulu. The central position of the park on the island makes it a perfect spot to base your Pearl City camper rental while exploring Oahu. Covering an expansive tract of land stretching from the Ewa Central Plains across the majestic Koolau Mountain Range and into the valleys of Northern Oahu, the reserve attracts all kinds of adventurers throughout the year. For a taste of what motorhome camping in Oahu feels like, search for an RV in Honolulu County and make memories …

Haleakalā National Park, HI

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Popularly known as “The Valley Isle,” Maui is the second-largest island in the Hawaii archipelago. Renowned for its world-famous beaches and incredible whale watching during the winter, the island also boasts of one of the most visited parks in the whole of Hawaii, the Haleakala National Park. As an outdoor enthusiast, Maui has probably been on your bucket list for quite a while. Cure your wanderlust by flying over to Maui for a motorhome camping excursion. Upon landing, hop right into your Kula camper rental and drive into paradise.

Renting an RV in Maui is a great idea, as then you’ll be able to hop from a campground to another across the island. When camping in an RV rental near …

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is situated on the southeast portion of Hawaii Island, which also goes by the name "Big Island." The tiny community of Volcano is found just outside the park's boundaries, while the nearest real town is Keaau, located around 20 miles to the northeast. The nearest city is Hilo, which is almost 30 miles to the north.

There are so many unique things to do here! Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers attractions that aren't commonly found in other places. From active lava flows to ash falls and lava tubes to discover and explore, you won't find yourself bored with a visit to this park!

Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve, HI

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The Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve is situated on the southeast portion of the main Hawaiian island, of Oahu. The small city of Manoa is found just to the southwest of this site, while the large city of Honolulu, which is also the state's capital, is located less than five miles to the west. Another larger town, Kaneohe, is located less than 10 miles to the north of the reserve.

This part of the island is comprised mostly of a rainforest and jungle environment. It is warm throughout the year, so it is a haven for outdoor recreational opportunities. In addition to the local forest, the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean are also within a short drive of …

Kailua Beach Park, HI

350 RV rentals

Looking for that magical vacation spot that you so definitely deserve? Kailua Beach Park is on the southeastern coast of the island of O’ahu in Hawai'i. A 30-minute drive to Honolulu, one hour's drive south of Turtle Bay, and half an hour east of Waipahu, Kailua Beach Park is the tropical oasis you've been yearning for.

In the 1940s, Kailua was a quiet little town, but with the rise of WWII, the town expanded to make room for post-war development. It's grown substantially throughout the years and is now a major attraction for tourists and beachgoers.

If it’s gorgeous beaches, close proximity to shopping, and fun water sports you’re looking for, Kailua Beach Park has you covered. Get …

Kalaupapa National Historical Park, HI

353 RV rentals

Kalaupapa National Historical Park is an isolated and primitive outdoor recreation area open to a small number of tourists each day throughout the year. The park has no facilities but provides some breathtaking scenery to those who come here to hike, take photographs, or appreciate the landscape and wildlife. Kalaupapa NHP is located on the island of Moloka'i and can be reached by arranging a mule trip in advance or hiking the trail, which is steep and rough in some places. The park has a community, the Kalaupapa Settlement, located near the southern park boundary; the park extends northward on a peninsula and is surrounded by ocean on three sides.

Another attraction that might interest you is a coconut grove …

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, HI

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Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge is located near the small town of Maalaea, HI, in the central portion of the Island of Maui. The nearest larger town is Kahului, which is less than 10 miles to the north. The wildlife refuge is also located only around 20 miles to the west of the more well-known town of Maui and sits about a mile from Maalaea Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.

This portion of Hawaii consists of a tree-covered, marshy, coastal plain. There are so many things to do in the area you will never find yourself bored. Walk along many of the local beaches, or swim in the crystal-clear waters offshore. There are plenty of natural sites to explore …

Koko Head Park, HI

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Situated on the eastern side of Oahu, a couple of miles away from Honolulu and Diamond Head, Koko Head Park is a recreational park mostly known for its stunning scenery and amazing hiking trails. The park is also home to a beach alongside several attractions, including Hanauma Bay and Halona Cove, famously known as the location of the love scene between Burton Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in the 1953 film From Here to Eternity.

Due to the numerous outdoor activities, you’ll never lack something to do when camping at Koko Head Park. After an arduous hike up the Koko Head Stairs, reward yourself with a dip in the cool waters of the Pacific or just chill at the Koko Crater …