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Information About San Bernardino, CA

In bright and beautiful southern California, San Bernardino is an hour drive east of the famed Los Angeles. In the midst of the Inland Empire region of California, San Bernardino serves as a great mid-way point between the big city of Los Angeles and the natural beauty of the southern California region. With its striking desert landscapes, towering forests, and sandy beaches of the Pacific all within easy driving distance, choosing to book an RV in San Bernardino County is an ideal option. You can spend your time exploring the San Bernardino Valley or you can venture out and around southern California to see the vast array of landscapes and opportunities the area has to offer.

Incorporated as recently as 1869, the city is fairly new. As a result, the streets are wide and it is easy to drive your San Bernardino camper rental around town. If you don’t feel like driving around, however, there are a couple of options. There is the Metrolink, an above-ground train that serves as a commuter rail. There are also the Omnitrans and MARTA bus services. Not only do both of these providers offer routes around town, but they also take you to the surrounding towns. MARTA focuses more on the northern towns around San Bernardino while Omnitrans serves everywhere else.

While in San Bernardino, you’ll be able to see San Gorgonio Mountain just off to the east, reminding you that no matter how many cars and pedestrians may be around, you are not far from the natural wonders of southern California.

The Great Outdoors

Just to the east of town is a series of small mountains, such as San Gorgonio Mountain (the tallest mountain in southern California), Sugarloaf Mountain, and Butler Peak. Here, you can go skiing, typically from November to April, or you can go hiking in the warmer months. By hiking up to the top of these peaks, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the San Bernardino Valley below. Keep in mind, however, that these are fairly steep peaks, so be careful as you hike up. Of the popular ones, Keller Peak, Butler Peak, Delamar Peak, Bertha Peak are some of the easier ones to hike.

If you want to feel as though you’ve stepped into another world, head east for about an hour and a half to the Joshua Tree National Park. You can stroll or hike among the bizarre Joshua Trees and as you travel deeper into the park you will begin to see how the two deserts, the Colorado and the Mojave, blur together. You can visit the unique geologic formations, be dazzled by the unique flora, and thanks to the lack of light pollution, you can look up and see the stars at night. What’s even better is that you can take your San Bernardino, CA RV rental, claim a campsite and enjoy the natural wonder of the desert.

If you’re looking to go even further, or you want to get away from the deserts, you can take your San Bernardino RV rental by owner about four hours north of town to the Sequoia National Forest. You can hike your way through the towering sequoias that have become so famous or even go boating on the lakes. You can park and camp out in this remote wilderness and experience more of the beauty of California.

RV Parks

When you rent an RV, you need somewhere to park it. Luckily enough, there are plenty of RV parks in and around San Bernardino. A popular in-town spot is the San Bernardino RV Park. The park is landscaped with fun, tropical flora, has a fenced-in pet area, and also has WiFi and full hookups. Being in the middle of town, it isn’t hard to get to a lot of what San Bernardino has to offer.

Just south of town is the Terrace Village RV Park. With electrical hookups and high-speed internet, this RV park offers a nice retreat from the busy city while still being close enough to easily drive into town for some fun. However, if you want to get even further from town, about 30 minutes north of town is the Bonita Ranch Campground. Located near the Bonita Falls, this park has BBQ pits, electric hookups, and showers and bathrooms. You will feel close to nature while also remaining relatively close to the city.

Exploring the City

After a few days in the wilderness, it might be time to take your San Bernardino camper rental into the city. If you want to learn more about the beautiful area you’re in, you can spend part of your day at the San Bernardino County Museum. You can learn about the wildlife, geology, and history in the area and even treat yourself to some of the temporary exhibits that cover a wide range of subjects.

If you need to unwind a little, the Deep Creek Hot Springs is always a popular place to go. While you do have to hike up to the springs, the relaxing soak awaiting you is well worth it. Not only that, but as you relax, you can fully take in the natural beauty around you and maybe even make some new friends!

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