Flower Mound

Named for the grassy mound at the center of town that is also a mysterious and revered natural wonder, Flower Mound has resisted permanent human settlement until fairly recently. Before a town was incorporated here, this peaceful, grassy plain next to a calm inland lake was used for spiritual camps by local Presbyterian churches. The region remained sparsely populated until the construction of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which is only four miles south of town on the far side of Grapevine Lake. Just to the north of Flower Mound are several golf clubs, hiking trails, and the vast Lewisville Lake. Rent an RV in Flower Mound, or any other nearby municipality, and explore both the urban and rural landscapes of Texas. The Mound itself is the city's prominent feature. It is 12 acres long and 50 feet high and is home to several specimens of Texas prairie grasses and wildflowers. These plants can grow in the mound due to to the rare clay soil formations that expand at certain times of the year to form temporary ponds and lakes throughout the Mound. The surrounding area includes both commercial and residential development, enough to sustain all of your travel needs, but the Mound itself remains pristine.

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