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State Parks near Naperville, IL

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State Parks

Moraine Hills, IL

446 RV rentals

Moraine Hills is an outdoor recreation area near the city of McHenry in the state of Illinois. Much of the area was created by glaciers that filled the area thousands of years ago, leaving behind boulders and other rocky debris. The debris is known as "moraine,” after which the park was named. It was opened to the public in 1976 after taking five years to fully cultivate; the park is centered around Lake Defiance, a glacial lake that is still largely undisturbed and natural as there has been almost no development around it.

A large section of the park consists …

Kankakee River State Park, IL

373 RV rentals

One of the oldest state parks in the state of Illinois has very humble beginnings. Kankakee River State Park was created in 1938 when Ethel Sturges Dummer donated 35 acres to the state of Illinois to be turned into a park. Now, Kankakee River State Park near Bourbonnais is 4,000 acres of treasured, breathtaking land. RV camping at Kankakee River State Park has become a popular activity, and people from across the United States travel in to spend a few days enjoying the unspoiled setting of the park.

You don't have to own a motorhome to enjoy camping in an …

Big Foot Beach State Park, WI

441 RV rentals

Although relatively small in size, Big Foot Beach State Park in Wisconsin has a lot to offer visitors and campers. The park is located on the banks of the huge Geneva Lake and offers both stunning views and a range of recreational activities.

Big Foot Beach State Park got its name from Chief Big Foot, who was an early Potawatomi leader in the area until they all were forcibly relocated in 1836. The park officially became a state park in 1949, and from then has continued to develop. Today, visitors can find a range of useful facilities while still maintaining …

Richard Bong State Recreation Area, WI

462 RV rentals

During the 1930s and 1940s, Richard Bong State Recreation Area in Wisconsin was an Airforce Base that went by a similar name, Richard Bong Airforce Base. Both the recreation area and Airforce Base were named for World War II aviator, Richard Ira Bong. He was one of the most decorated fighter pilots and a top flying ace during the war. After the Airforce Base was decommissioned, Wisconsin converted it into a state park in the 1950s. There are several road signs denoting the location of this park, and due to the name’s connection to marijuana, these signs are often stolen. …

Rock Cut State Park, IL

422 RV rentals

Rock Cut State Park in northern Illinois is chock full of natural beauty and recreational activities to keep you occupied. Two lakes, Pierce and Olson, accompany the 3,092 acres of rolling plains. From fishing and hiking to scheduled events and RV camping, Rock Cut State Park has plenty to offer visitors.

Scots and Canadians occupied the area of Winnebago in the mid-1800s and built a settlement. Eventually, with the construction of railroads, a crew cut through natural rock to make a suitable roadbed. Rock Cut State Park earned its name from this event and soon became an attraction to many …

Starved Rock State Park, IL

361 RV rentals

The small town of Oglesby is located right off of Interstate 80, just two and a half hours south of Milwaukee in the northern portion of Illinois. With Chicago and Rockford being less than two hours away, this town is easily accessible for outdoor enthusiasts and RV campers looking to explore Starved Rock State Park.

The origin of the park’s name came from a bloody legend involving a battle between the Illiniwek and Potawatomi tribes back in the 1760s. Nearly 200 years later, in 1966, Starved Rock State Park was labeled a historic landmark and has been protected as such …

Shabbona Lake State Park, IL

411 RV rentals

Shabbona Lake State Park is located just minutes away from the sprawling metropolis of Greater Chicago. Conveniently located around a seven-mile drive from Interstate Route 39, Shabbona Lake State Park serves as the perfect natural getaway for anyone coming from Bloomington or Rockford.

Steeped in history, the park owes its name to Chief Shabbona, the leader of the Potawatomi tribe that originally settled here. It was not until 1965 that the state decided the land would be used to create a man-made lake and recreational area, ideal for those needing to escape the hustle and bustle of Chicago.

With ample …

Illinois Beach State Park, IL

505 RV rentals

Fringed by just under seven miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, Illinois Beach State Park is popular with beach bums, avid hikers, and nature lovers of all types. The park is a breath of fresh air and treats you to sandy beaches, clear water, and pristine shoreline. It occupies more than 4,000 acres and is a fantastic place to soak up the Prairie State sunshine, with swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and camping just some of the outdoor recreation activities on offer.

As you explore the park, you'll discover a diverse ecosystem of rolling dunes, lush marshlands, sun-drenched prairies, and black oak …

Illini State Park, IL

374 RV rentals

There’s no shortage of RV rentals in LaSalle County, Illinois, and no shortage of scenic state parks to enjoy a motorhome camping trip. Illini State Park is in northern Illinois, just 80 miles southwest of Chicago. The 510-acre state park borders the Illinois River, across the water from the small town of Marseilles. You’ll find grassy picnic areas, dense oak forest, and beautiful cottonwoods along the river here. The park was named after the Illini natives that once inhabited the area, and there’s plenty of history to see here.

The Marseilles Moraine, features from the last ice age …

Indiana Dunes State Park, IN

456 RV rentals

Indiana Dunes State Park, nestled along the southern tip of Lake Michigan, is home to 2,182 acres of beautiful sand dunes, beaches, and natural hardwood forest. This state park is part of the vast, federally-managed Indiana Dunes National Park, covering more than 15,000 acres of stunning wilderness and exhilarating activities. Established in 1925 and later designated a National Natural Landmark, Indiana Dunes State Park draws millions of outdoor adventurers with its natural beauty, remarkably beautiful lake, and tall sand dunes that stretch for miles.

Swimming, hiking, and fishing are among the most popular attractions at the park. Rent an …

Matthiessen State Park, IL

360 RV rentals

Set in the forested terrain of northwestern Illinois, Matthiessen State Park is a fascinating display of unique rock formations, canyons, streams, and untamed beauty. Formerly the property of its namesake, Frederick William Matthiessen, the land once served as a private park under his diligent care. At that time, the park was 176 acres and was mostly made up of a single canyon. This is quite a contrast to the 1,983 acres of land that Utica campers can hike, mountain bike, stroll along, and picnic in today.

Although there's no lack of things to do at Matthiessen State Park, LaSalle County …

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