State Parks near Duluth, MN

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State Parks

Amnicon Falls State Park, WI

45 RV rentals

Wisconsin state parks don't come much more beautiful than Amnicon Falls State Park. Located about 20 minutes southeast of Superior, this pretty park sits on the banks of the Amnicon River.

It's home to a series of stunning waterfalls, making it a popular stop for anyone looking to snap the perfect photo or just admire these waterfalls from every possible vantage point. But with Amnicon Falls State Park also offering fishing, swimming, hiking trails, and snow sports, there's much more to enjoy in this park than just the scenery. And thanks to the park's 36-site rustic campground, it's a wonderful spot for a tranquil and relaxing RV camping getaway.

Banning State Park, MN

358 RV rentals

Just a few miles north of Sandstone, surrounding the banks of Kettle River in Minnesota, is Banning State Park. The park protects over 6,000 acres of Mille Lacs Uplands, an area that still bears the scars of the forest fires and growing industry of the 19th century. Even though the land is still recovering, the birch and aspen forests, along with the sounds of songbirds and running water, transformed this place into a true garden of tranquility.

With Kettle River and its rapids as the park’s focal point, some of the favorite activities include kayaking and fishing. Banning State Park campgrounds are lovely and decently equipped, so RV campers often book them in advance, as there's only a limited …

Bear Head Lake State Park, MN

21 RV rentals

Northern Minnesota is a gorgeous place to visit, and when you book an RV in St. Louis County, you’ll have unbridled access to everything this part of the state has to offer. A great place to camp during your visit is Bear Head Lake State Park, which is near to the towns of Tower and Virginia. RV camping at Bear Head Lake State Park can be the start of a great adventure in northern Minnesota, especially for those who enjoy being outdoors.

The state park can trace its roots back to the early 1900s when a sawmill was built in the area. This sawmill was in operation for about a decade before fires raged through the area and …

Big Bay State Park, WI

28 RV rentals

When you search for an RV in Ashland County, there will be plenty of different outdoor and indoor activities for you to enjoy, depending on the weather and your personal preferences. Ashland County is home to Big Bay State Park, a gorgeous park located on Madeline Island that offers unique and breathtaking camping and hiking opportunities. There are beaches surrounding the island, and many nearby islands provide fun excursion opportunities for kayak and paddleboard enthusiasts.

Madeline Island is located in the northern reaches of Wisconsin, in Lake Superior, and when you are RV camping at Big Bay State Park, you’ll have access to cities like Duluth, MN, and Ashland, WI. Also near to this state park is …

Brule River State Forest, WI

41 RV rentals

Located on the banks of the Bois Brule River in the northwestern corner of Wisconsin, Brule River State Forest is heaven on Earth for outdoor enthusiasts. If you love nature, escaping the city, and indulging in outdoor adventures, the list of features in this 45,000-plus-acre park will have you licking your lips.

Some of the highlights include excellent trout fishing, beautiful river paddling, hiking on the North Country Scenic Trail, and several miles of shoreline on spectacular Lake Superior. And with two campgrounds catering to the needs of RV and tent campers alike, Brule River State Forest is a wonderful spot for anyone looking to enjoy a peaceful camping vacation.

Brunet Island State Park, WI

137 RV rentals

Situated at the confluence of Route 64 and Route 27, Brunet Island State Park is easily accessible from Eau Claire and the surrounding towns of central Wisconsin. Just over a two-hour drive from Minneapolis, MN, consider Brunet Island State Park camping to escape the stresses of big city life.

The park is named after Jean Brunet, a French immigrant who once lived here and played an integral role in the development of the Chippewa River. His contributions included the construction of the first dam and sawmills in the area, remnants of which can be seen today. Opened as a state park in 1940, you can enjoy its diverse landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

Formed by the joining of …

Cascade River State Park, MN

19 RV rentals

A few miles from the border of the United States and Canada in the northeastern tip of Minnesota lies the Cascade River State Park. Located in Lutsen within the vast Superior National Forest, this state park has the towns of Schroeder and Grand Marais for its neighbors. This park is an excellent choice for lovers of the extreme outdoors due to its remote position on the map and the rugged, rocky terrain. What are you waiting for, search for an RV in Cook County and cure your wanderlust the way you know best, hopping from one campground to another as you go camping with an RV.

Originally called Cascade River State Wayside, the park rests on the northern shores of …

Copper Falls State Park, WI

31 RV rentals

Often regarded as one of the most scenic state parks anywhere in Wisconsin, Copper Falls State Park is a nature lover's delight. Located two miles northeast of Mellen, this 3,068-acre park boasts an eye-catching landscape of vast gorges and breathtaking waterfalls. It'll not only have you reaching for your camera at every opportunity, but also itching to get into the great outdoors and explore the surrounding natural beauty.

Visitors to the park will find 17 miles of hiking trails, excellent boating and fishing, and an ideal environment for winter sports. Throw in the inclusion of two pretty campgrounds and it soon becomes clear that Copper Falls State Park is the perfect destination to camp in a motorhome rental.

Crow Wing State Park, MN

262 RV rentals

Crow Wing State Park is a rustic, 3,000-acre recreation area ideal for RV camping, fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing over a friendly picnic. With a diverse landscape and wildlife, there's no shortage of fun activities here. The valleys of the park are characterized by conifer bogs and wet prairies. The forests are brimming with pine and hardwood trees, and eagles and hawks can be seen soaring across the blue skies.

Crow Wing River, one of the park’s main attractions, was most likely named after the shape of the island, which resembles a crow's wing. However, there are also claims that it was incorrectly translated from the Ojibwe word for raven or possibly raven feather. You can find out more details …

Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, MN

235 RV rentals

Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area lies in central Minnesota, close to the towns and cities of Ironton, Aitkin, and Brainerd. The area was once one of the most prolific mining areas in all of Minnesota, and as a result, the land is peppered with pits and waste rock. These pits have slowly filled with water over the past decades and created a picturesque landscape of lakes and mine ponds. This unique landscape makes Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area an ideal place for lake fishing, nature watching, and hiking through some of Minnesota’s best countryside.

This long list of recreational opportunities makes Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area the ideal place to take an RV rental. Making your way …

Father Hennepin State Park, MN

419 RV rentals

Located on the shore of Mille Lacs Lake in the heart of Minnesota, Father Hennepin State Park is perfectly placed for exploring the beautiful rugged northern part of the state. Less than a two-hour drive east in your rental RV is the city of Duluth, on the edge of Lake Superior and to the north is a maze of lakes and forests waiting to be discovered by on your outdoor adventure.

The park, named after a French Franciscan priest, Louis Hennepin, visited the area in 1680. He was captured by Dakota Native Americans, but released after eight months. During this time, he wrote many journals about the area.

Although the park only covers around 320-acres, it gives easy access …

Flambeau River State Forest, WI

54 RV rentals

If you're searching for untamed wilderness, abundant recreational activities, and a rustic camping experience, Flambeau River State Forest might just be your perfect destination. Located in northwestern Wisconsin, this 90,000-plus-acre forest offers the sort of features that true outdoors enthusiasts dream of.

The North and South Forks of the Flambeau River converge within the park, so fishing and whitewater rafting are two of the main attractions to enjoy. But with excellent swimming, hiking, biking, and hunting opportunities on offer, there's plenty to keep campers of all ages happy. And with two peaceful campgrounds to choose from, Flambeau River State Forest is the sort of location you'll want to return to again and again.

Gooseberry Falls State Park, MN

30 RV rentals

Nestled on the north shore of Lake Superior, 13 miles northeast of Two Harbors and 15 miles southwest of Silver Bay, is Gooseberry Falls State Park. This 1,600-acre area is home to lush forests, cascading waters, and a breathtaking river gorge. If you're looking for the perfect nature retreat in Minnesota, you've come to the right place. The park beckons visitors from the state and beyond throughout the whole year and is a favorite for hikers, bikers, skiers, and snowboarders.

Rich vegetation and wildlife make the park an ideal place to explore, relax, and enjoy some fresh air while camping in an RV. The park also boasts a great visitors' center with a gift shop, snowshoe and ski rentals, …

Governor Knowles State Forest, WI

441 RV rentals

Sprawling over 19,343 acres, Governor Knowles State Forest is located in Northwest Polk and Southwest Burnett Counties in Northwestern Wisconsin. The state forest sits close to Wisconsin and Minnesota border making it a popular outdoor destination with locals from both states. The forest is located about 20 miles away from the town of Siren, WI, approximately 13 miles from Pine City. The beautiful St. Croix River flows along the edge of the forest.

Governor Knowles State Forest has previously been known as St. Croix River State Forest. It was renamed Governor Knowles State Forest in 1981 after Warren P. Knowles, a famous conservationist and a prominent former governor in this state.

Governor Knowles State Forest is a paradise …

Interstate State Park, MN

449 RV rentals

The aptly named Interstate State Park straddles the Wisconsin-Minnesota state line, encompassing more than 1,600 acres on either side of the St. Croix River. Considering the park's diverse landscape and wildlife, it’s no wonder that campers from Saint Croix Falls, Taylors Falls, and beyond all frequent the park. Whether you want to climb the cliffs, hike across glacial potholes and old lava flows, conquer the rushing rapids, or simply explore the woods and thickets brimming with oak, maple, and pine, the park has you covered.

This is the first interstate park in America. In the mid-19th century, as the mining industry encroached on the area, government officials in both states worked to protect the land. Thanks to these efforts, …

Interstate State Park, WI

449 RV rentals

Interstate State Park is currently the oldest state park in Wisconsin is one of the most loved state parks and is a perfect escape for a motorhome camping trip. Covering 1330-acres of forested land, the state park lies within the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway and the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve in the city of Saint Croix Falls, WI, and includes the scenic Dalles of St. Croix River. Surrounded by basalt cliffs, cavernous depressions, stunning rock formations, and miles of trails, its no surprise why Interstate State Park is considered one of the best state parks in the area where you can go camping with an RV.  Wisconsin's state park is adjacent and alongside Interstate State Park in …

Jay Cooke State Park, MN

59 RV rentals

Jay Cooke State Park combines the natural beauty of the Midwest with the rich history and cultural heritage of the North Star State. It straddles the St. Louis River and is a paradise for outdoor adventurers. Spend your days hiking in the rocky gorge, birdwatching in the boreal forest and picnicking by the river. As a bonus, the park offers year-round appeal. Summers are beautiful, though you can also admire wildflowers in the spring, leaf peep in the fall and cross-country ski in the winter.

There's also plenty of history to soak up in the 8000-acre park, whether you're strolling around the pioneer cemetery, peering over the rails of the Swinging Bridge or exploring stone ruins from the Civilian Conservation …

Mccarthy Beach State Park, MN

32 RV rentals

Famously known as the land of a thousand lakes, Minnesota’s McCarthy Beach State Park was established in 1945 when locals raised the money to purchase the land from property owner John A. McCarthy. Though the region was heavily logged in the decades prior, there are still a few groves of virgin wood trees that are hundreds of years old. Ancient hunting and tool artifacts found around the lake indicates people were living and hunting in the region for at least 10,000 years before European settlers ever laid eyes on it. Archaeologists believe they first arrived shortly after the last great glacier left the area, some 12,000 years ago.

Lake Sturgeon and its neighboring lakes, Side Lake, Perch Lake, Little Sturgeon …

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park, MN

408 RV rentals

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park is a historic Minnesota park situated near the heart of the state and is best known for containing many ancient Native American sites. During the mid-1800s, the state park was a sought-after logging spot. The trees cut down here would then be sent down to local sawmills via the Mille Lacs Lake.

The area has a humid continental climate, which causes the summers to be hot and the winters to be brutally cold and snowy. Mille Lacs Kathio State Park is a short drive away from major cities such as Brainerd and St. Cloud.