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State Parks in Minnesota

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State Parks

Glacial Lakes State Park, MN

186 RV rentals

Tucked away in the lesser-visited Leaf Hills area of western Minnesota is Glacial Lakes State Park. Its location just off Highway 29 provides easy access to the closest big towns of Starbuck and Benson, while I-94 provides great access to Minneapolis and Fargo, ND, respectfully two hours to each.

Glacial Lakes State Park was originally established in 1963 in a bid to preserve some of the last remaining prairie habitats in Minneapolis. Glaciers that receded thousands of years ago carved these diverse landscapes, and, as a result, the state park has become a site of historical and geological …

Wild River State Park, MN

444 RV rentals

Wild River State Park is located in the state of Minnesota, stretching along 18 miles of the beautiful St. Croix River. Located in Center City, the park is very close to the Bloomington -Twin Cities metro area and Chisago City, making a visit here the perfect state park RV camping trip. Ideal for hiking, camping, horseback riding, canoeing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, the park offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities to immerse outdoor enthusiasts in. For those without their own rig, an RV rental in Chisago County make it easy to explore the park and its …

Great River Bluffs State Park, MN

99 RV rentals

The Great River Bluffs State Park lies along the border of Wisconsin and Minneapolis, on the banks of the Mississippi River that marks a natural boundary between the states. Although somewhat off the beaten path, the park is easily accessed via Highway 61 or Interstate Route 90, with approaches from Rochester and Minneapolis.

Recognized as a state park in 1976, the area was originally known as O.L Kipp State Park, a nod to a man who was integral in building the Minnesota highway system. In the late ‘90s, the park was renamed after the prominent geological formations found there; …

Itasca State Park, MN

80 RV rentals

The wide expanse of Itasca State Park is nestled two hours outside of Fargo, North Dakota and four hours north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Studded with over 100 lakes, rolling hills, and thick patches of forest, this glacial region crowns the headwaters of the Mississippi River as it winds over 2,000 miles south to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Opened in 1891, Itasca State Park is considered Minnesota’s oldest state park, but it's refused to slow down in its old age. Activities abound for those in search of adventure, or for those RV ramblers looking to …

Flandrau State Park, MN

414 RV rentals

Flandrau State Park is located right across from the city of New Ulm, Minnesota. The gently flowing Cottonwood River flows through the park, and it was after this river that the park was first named when it came into being. From wooded river bottoms to oak-shaded bluffs to oxbow marshes and open grasslands, the park has a very diverse terrain that attracts campers from far and wide. For this very reason, book an RV in Brown County to explore the area and its offerings. You could also check out the nearby cities of Mankato and Saint Peter in your rental …

Lake Carlos State Park, MN

205 RV rentals

Located within 10 miles of Alexandria and slightly over 15 minutes from Parkers Prairie, lies the expansive Lake Carlos State Park. The park is right on the shores of the famous lake that gives it a name, and a few miles from Lake Ida and Lake Miltona. Its captivating natural beauty, a wide variety of recreational offerings and RV camping opportunities make it a favorite destination for Douglas County, MN campers.

Straddling over 1230 acres of Minnesota’s prairie landscape, it stretches out in a transition zone into tall coniferous forests. If what you are looking for is a break …

Rice Lake State Park, MN

423 RV rentals

Rice Lake State Park has the perfect mix of lakes, meadows, and woodlands, and is the perfect escape from busy city life in Minnesota. The lake lands entirely surround the picturesque Rice Lake, which forms the heart of the state park. Overall, Rice Lake covers 750 acres and only has an average depth of 3 feet.

Rice Lake got its name from the fact that in the past, American Indians harvested wild rice from the shallow, marshy waters. Today it is a designated waterfowl lake, with many species gracing its shores. In addition to bird watching, Rice Lake State Park …

Sakatah Lake State Park, MN

434 RV rentals

Spanning 843 acres across Minnesota sits Sakatah Lake State Park. This beautiful area of parkland lies on the shores of Sakatah Lake, which is a natural widening of the Cannon River, near the town of Waterville. Sakatah Lake State Park got the name from those native to the area, calling it Sakatah, which means ‘singing hills.’

Folks rent an RV in Le Sueur County to enjoy the huge range of recreational activities that Sakatah Lake State Park provides, such as boating, fishing, picnicking, and hiking some of the many trails. Pay a visit to the nearby towns of Owatonna and …

Fort Ridgely State Park, MN

402 RV rentals

Motorhome camping while exploring Minnesota is a wonderful way to see the Land of 10,000 lakes, and when you book an RV in Nicollet County, you’ll be centrally located to explore southern Minnesota with ease. In Nicollet County is Fort Ridgely State Park, which has a rich history both in human and natural events. The park’s natural history can be traced to over 12,000 years ago when the last glaciers covering this section of Minnesota retreated, leaving behind sand, gravel, and rocks known as glacial till.

RV camping at Fort Ridgely State Park will allow you to explore this …

Big Bog State Recreation Area, MN

14 RV rentals

Along with the neighboring Minnesota Upper Red Lake, Big Bog State Recreation Area was formed around 10,000 years ago when the last Great Glacier retreated its way north. The glacier gouged and scraped land out, leaving massive deposits of sand, moraine, and granite boulders in its tracks. Although northern Minnesota was heavily logged in the 1920s and 1930s, the bog region was left untouched because logging companies found it was too difficult - and expensive - to access the trees. Big Bog State Recreation Area was officially established as a state park in 2002 and is also a national landmark …

Moose Lake State Park, MN

174 RV rentals

Formed by a massive glacier that scraped its way north some 10,000 years ago, Moose Lake, MN, and the neighboring lakes are precious gems, home to hundreds of birds and wildlife. The local residents, recognizing the value in protecting the natural resources, petitioned the state to purchase land to preserve for the future. In 1971, Moose Lake State Park was officially established with an initial purchase of a few hundred acres. The state park was later expanded with additional land purchases. Today, it’s just shy of 1,200 acres, surrounding a small lake called Echo Lake.

Moose Lake and the surrounding …

Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, MN

449 RV rentals

Right next to the town of Nerstrand and around ten miles northeast of Faribault lies a wildflower garden paradise called Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. The park is named after “Big Woods,” a kind of forest that is typically found in south-central Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Big Woods are usually comprised of maple, basswood, elm, and oak trees.

Each season gives the park a unique allure. In spring, the scents of blooming dwarf trout lily, Dutchman's breeches, and bloodroot spread throughout the park. Hidden waterfalls are some of the best places to unwind and beat the scorching heat during summer. …

Crow Wing State Park, MN

262 RV rentals

Crow Wing State Park is a rustic, 3,000-acre recreation area ideal for RV camping, fishing, hiking, or simply relaxing over a friendly picnic. With a diverse landscape and wildlife, there's no shortage of fun activities here. The valleys of the park are characterized by conifer bogs and wet prairies. The forests are brimming with pine and hardwood trees, and eagles and hawks can be seen soaring across the blue skies.

Crow Wing River, one of the park’s main attractions, was most likely named after the shape of the island, which resembles a crow's wing. However, there are also claims that …

Carley State Park, MN

325 RV rentals

In the southeast corner of Minnesota, near the border that it shares with Wisconsin and Iowa, is Carley State Park. This state park is a wonderful place to visit when you book an RV in Wabasha County, as it provides an easy way to camp with an RV in the area. Carley State Park can trace its natural history to over 450 million years ago, back to when a shallow sea covered large sections of North America.

Carley State Park in modern-day covers over 200 acres and was founded in 1949. The recent human history includes that of the …

Zippel Bay State Park, MN

8 RV rentals

European explorers and fur traders arrived in the Minnesota region that would eventually become Zippel Bay State Park. Largely, travelers and explorers, there were very few permanent settlers on known records until 1887. A gentleman by the name of Wilhelm Zippel arrived in the area with the intention of creating a fishing enterprise on the Lake of the Woods. A few other fishermen came along, and the commercial operations grew. The fishing industry was so successful that it all but wiped out Lake Sturgeon, and today, it’s extremely rare to catch one (if a fisherman is fortunate, he is advised …

Hayes Lake State Park, MN

11 RV rentals

Nestled in the wilderness of northern Minnesota, Hayes Lake State Park is south of Roseau and an hour away from Thief River Falls. The state park is a part of Beltrami Island State Forest. Hayes Lake State Park centers around Hayes Lake, and it is frequented by watersports enthusiasts as well as hikers. The lake was created after the impoundment of the Roseau River. The locals needed more recreational opportunities in the area, and Hayes Lake State Park became a state park in 1967.

Both locals and campers from all around the United States frequent this secluded state park. …

Split Rock Creek State Park, MN

56 RV rentals

In the far southwestern reaches of Minnesota, closer to Sioux Falls in South Dakota than Minneapolis or Saint Paul is Split Rock Creek State Park. Visiting Split Rock Creek State Park is easy to do when you book an RV in Pipestone County, and the combination of land and water activities will provide plenty of entertainment while motorhome camping in the area. This state park can trace its modern history back to 1938 and has come a long way over the years.

A large dam, which was built by the Works Progress Administration in conjunction with the Civilian Conservation …

Old Mill State Park, MN

16 RV rentals

Take a step back through some Minnesota history at Old Mill State Park. A log cabin and steam-flour mill are both significant landmarks from the past and are just one of the many things to see in this Minnesota State Park. Old Mill State Park lies on the banks of Middle River, between the towns of Newfolden, Karlstad, and Argyle. Many people search for an RV in Marshall Country and visit the park to learn more about its interesting past.

Although Old Mill State Park is relatively small, at just 406 acres, there is still plenty to …

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