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State Parks

Bewabic State Park, MI

30 RV rentals

Set on the shores of Fortune Lake, Bewabic State Park lures sunseekers with a sandy beach, scenic trails, and waterfront picnic sites. The park occupies more than 315 acres and offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the Great Lakes State. Meticulously preserved Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) structures dot the park, adding extra allure for history buffs.

Planning a getaway to Michigan? Book an RV in Iron County and you can camp at Bewabic State Park and enjoy the freedom to explore Michigan's Upper Peninsula at your own pace. With a home on wheels, you can also venture further afield to visit Isle Royale National Park, as well as iconic National Lakeshores like Sleeping Bear Dunes and …

Black River State Forest, WI

89 RV rentals

Located right in the heart of west-central Wisconsin is Black River State Forest, covering a massive 67,000 acres. Two forks of the Black River flow through this forest, along with high sandstone abutments. For those campers without their own rig, and wishing to explore this amazing forest and the surrounding area, book an RV in Jackson County. Located near the city of Black River Falls, the forest is easily accessible from other close cities like Sparta and Melrose. On your motorhome camping trip to Black River State Forest, set aside plenty of time to explore the extensive trails of this rugged forest.

Established in 1957, much of the area was strongly influenced by glaciation. Once the glaciers …

Brunet Island State Park, WI

137 RV rentals

Situated at the confluence of Route 64 and Route 27, Brunet Island State Park is easily accessible from Eau Claire and the surrounding towns of central Wisconsin. Just over a two-hour drive from Minneapolis, MN, consider Brunet Island State Park camping to escape the stresses of big city life.

The park is named after Jean Brunet, a French immigrant who once lived here and played an integral role in the development of the Chippewa River. His contributions included the construction of the first dam and sawmills in the area, remnants of which can be seen today. Opened as a state park in 1940, you can enjoy its diverse landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

Formed by the joining of …

Buckhorn State Park, WI

214 RV rentals

Big, beautiful, and boasting a host of great activities for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, Buckhorn State Park has a whole lot to offer as a camping destination.

Located less than 15 miles southeast of Necedah in the heart of Wisconsin, this 8,000-acre park offers something to keep just about everyone happy. Situated on the shores of Castle Rock Lake, where the Wisconsin and Yellow River meet, the park is well-known as a great boating, fishing, and swimming destination. But with pretty hiking trails, hunting, and winter sports activities also on offer, you'll need to stay awhile to experience everything the park has to offer.

Happily, Buckhorn State Park also boasts a 68-site campground where you and your camper …

Copper Falls State Park, WI

31 RV rentals

Often regarded as one of the most scenic state parks anywhere in Wisconsin, Copper Falls State Park is a nature lover's delight. Located two miles northeast of Mellen, this 3,068-acre park boasts an eye-catching landscape of vast gorges and breathtaking waterfalls. It'll not only have you reaching for your camera at every opportunity, but also itching to get into the great outdoors and explore the surrounding natural beauty.

Visitors to the park will find 17 miles of hiking trails, excellent boating and fishing, and an ideal environment for winter sports. Throw in the inclusion of two pretty campgrounds and it soon becomes clear that Copper Falls State Park is the perfect destination to camp in a motorhome rental.

Council Grounds State Park, WI

154 RV rentals

If you're a water sports enthusiast or if you're just looking for a tranquil camping destination, you'll love Council Grounds State Park. Located just to the west of Merrill in Wisconsin's Lincoln County, this 509-acre park sits on the shores of Lake Alexander, a dam on the Wisconsin River.

Swimming, boating, and fishing are by far the most popular pastimes, but Council Grounds State Park campers can also take advantage of seven hiking trails, snow sports opportunities, and much more. Even better, there's a pretty and peaceful family campground that offers all the creature comforts, ensuring you'll have everything you need to enjoy a relaxing stay.

Devil's Lake State Park, WI

273 RV rentals

Devil's Lake State Park is located in southern Wisconsin, between the towns and cities of Madison, Wisconsin Dells, and Baraboo. The park was constructed as part of the early 1930s and ‘40s Civilian Conservation Corps movement and stands as one of Wisconsin’s largest state parks. The state park lies on the northern shoreline of Devil’s Lake, the main attraction for many of the sate park’s visitors. This giant natural lake and the picturesque scenic beauty of the park makes it an ideal place to take an RV rental. Accessing the park with a rental RV is made even easier with both Highway 12 and Highway 113 running along its western and eastern fringes.

Rent a camper near …

Devils Lake State Park, WI

272 RV rentals

In Sauk County, just a few minutes away from Baraboo, is the largest, most popular state park in Wisconsin: Devil’s Lake State Park. This 9,200-acre park is just 35 miles away from the state capital, Madison, and 12 miles away from the town of Merrimac. The park's vast RV camping area makes an excellent stopover or vacation destination.

The primary attraction here is Devil’s Lake. Before Devil’s Lake formed, this area was filled with gorges. During the last ice age, a glacier covered the eastern end of the Baraboo Hills. This created two natural dams which altered the flow of the ancient rivers, leaving a large body of water within the hills — what is now Devil's Lake. …

Flambeau River State Forest, WI

54 RV rentals

If you're searching for untamed wilderness, abundant recreational activities, and a rustic camping experience, Flambeau River State Forest might just be your perfect destination. Located in northwestern Wisconsin, this 90,000-plus-acre forest offers the sort of features that true outdoors enthusiasts dream of.

The North and South Forks of the Flambeau River converge within the park, so fishing and whitewater rafting are two of the main attractions to enjoy. But with excellent swimming, hiking, biking, and hunting opportunities on offer, there's plenty to keep campers of all ages happy. And with two peaceful campgrounds to choose from, Flambeau River State Forest is the sort of location you'll want to return to again and again.

Governor Thompson State Park, WI

159 RV rentals

Located just outside Crivitz, WI, and a bit over an hour from Green Bay, Governor Thompson State Park lays on the shores of the Caldron Falls Reservoir. Outdoor enthusiasts love this state park because it allows them to engage in various recreational activities all year round. These include fishing, hiking, boating, and wildlife watching.

This 2,800-acre state park is relatively new. The construction began in 2000, and the park welcomed its first visitors in 2005. It was named after Governor Tommy Thompson, the longest-serving governor in Wisconsin’s history. If you love spending time in nature, as well as exploring local flora and fauna, book an RV in Marinette County, gather up your camping buddies, and start your adventure!

Great River Bluffs State Park, MN

99 RV rentals

The Great River Bluffs State Park lies along the border of Wisconsin and Minneapolis, on the banks of the Mississippi River that marks a natural boundary between the states. Although somewhat off the beaten path, the park is easily accessed via Highway 61 or Interstate Route 90, with approaches from Rochester and Minneapolis.

Recognized as a state park in 1976, the area was originally known as O.L Kipp State Park, a nod to a man who was integral in building the Minnesota highway system. In the late ‘90s, the park was renamed after the prominent geological formations found there; its steep buffs rise 500 feet above the river, creating narrow valleys and unique ecosystems.

It is conveniently located between …

Hartman Creek State Park, WI

230 RV rentals

Located in northeast Wisconsin, Hartman Creek State Park is well worth a visit for anyone that has chosen to book an RV in Waupaca County. Conveniently located along Route 54, the park is easily accessible from the town of Waupaca, just a ten-minute drive away, as well as the larger cities of Oshkosh and Steven’s Point.

Before it was established as a state park in 1966, Hartman Creek State Park began its life as a fish hatchery that released smallmouth bass into Wisconsin’s rivers. Now, with seven lakes of crystal clear waters surrounded by towering pine, oak, and maple trees, renting an RV near Hartman Creek State Park has become the ultimate lakeside getaway.

High Cliff State Park, WI

303 RV rentals

Situated on Lake Winnebago, High Cliff State Park is the only state-owned park that sits on the lake. Named after the limestone cliff of the Niagara Escarpment, High Cliff State Park is near the town of Sherwood. Visitors can go RV camping at High Cliff State Park and view the 12-foot statue of Red Bird, the famous Winnebago chief, which stands on a granite rock overlooking Lake Winnebago.

Book an RV in Calumet County and spend the weekend RV camping at High Cliff State Park. Oshkosh is located just across Lake Winnebago and offers many fun family activities. Another great destination to visit while camping at High Cliff State Park is Appleton, home to a variety of shopping …

Lake Wissota State Park, WI

223 RV rentals

Sitting on the eastern bank of Lake Wissota lies 1,000 acres of dense forest and open prairies, otherwise known as Lake Wissota State Park. Located just twenty minutes away from the city of Eau Claire, and even closer to the charming town of Chippewa Falls, Lake Wissota State Park is the perfect stop for anyone exploring Wisconsin with their RV rental.

The state park was formed in 1917 when a local company built a dam on the Chippewa River. Used for its hydroelectric power for over one hundred years, Lake Wissota State Park was finally opened in 1972 to allow public access to the waterways and beautiful surrounding forests.

With plenty of young forests to explore, open prairie …

Merrick State Park, WI

253 RV rentals

If you're a keen angler or boating enthusiast, Merrick State Park might just be your dream RV camping destination. Located near Fountain City in western Wisconsin, this pretty park sits on the backwaters of the mighty Mississippi River.

Surrounded by rolling hills and home to abundant native wildlife, it's a beautiful and peaceful spot to stay for a few nights or more. With great boating and fishing on offer, not to mention hiking and cross-country skiing opportunities, Merrick State Park is one of the gems of the Wisconsin state parks system. And with two campgrounds that can accommodate RVs, once you set up camp at Merrick State Park, you may never want to leave.

Mill Bluff State Park, WI

192 RV rentals

Mill Bluff State Park sits an equal distance from two of the largest cities in Wisconsin, Eau Claire and Madison. Accessible via Interstate Route 94, Mill Bluff State Park is a convenient stop for anyone renting an RV in Wisconsin and looking to explore the great outdoors.

Mill Bluff State Park is most well known for the ten tall bluffs that dominate the landscape. These bluffs were originally sea stacks that were formed over 12,000 years ago when Wisconsin was covered in a huge sheet of ice. As part of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve, Mill Bluff State Park has been created to protect these unique bluffs and educate the public on their geological significance.

Consider an RV rental …

Mirror Lake State Park, WI

266 RV rentals

Located in downtown Baraboo, Wisconsin, Mirror Lake State Park sits only three miles away from Wisconsin Dells. This 2,000-acre state park is known for its many trails and beautiful, calm lake which lies in the middle of natural wetlands and sandstone bluffs. Visitors flock to the park to experience its pine woodlands and cool, open spots perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature.

Millions of years ago, a glacier covered much of the Wisconsin area, and when the glacier melted, it created rivers that flowed into the channel, bringing in sand. When the rivers retreated, the sand hardened into the sandstone you see today, creating what's now a huge attraction to Mirror Lake State Park. Families and individual adventurers enjoy boating, …

Peninsula State Park, WI

226 RV rentals

Located between Fish Creek and Ephraim and just a short drive from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Peninsula State Park forms part of a nearly eight-mile-long coastline. Full of bluffs, coastal wetlands, forests, and meadows, Peninsula is considered to be one of the most biodiverse parks in the state. Whether you like to watch the light fade at the beach, venture through mysterious forest, or chase the thrill of water sports, Peninsula State Park has something for everyone.

Established in 1910, Peninsula was Wisconsin's second state park. The park was a hot spot for summer picnics, concerts, and sporting events which locals and tourists attended in the thousands. Home to spectacular forests, 468 campsites, and a shoreline with breathtaking views of …

Perrot State Park, WI

109 RV rentals

Stunning natural scenery, excellent hiking, and abundant opportunities for boating and winter sports — that's just a taste of what you can expect when you camp in Perrot State Park.

Located near Trempealeau in southwestern Wisconsin, this 1,270-acre park sits on 500-foot bluffs overlooking the confluence of the Trempealeau and Mississippi Rivers. It's an area known for its breathtaking views and diverse native wildlife, and also has a reputation as a wonderful RV camping destination.

With a 102-site family campground set in peaceful wooded surroundings, Perrot State Park has everything you need for a memorable vacation in the great outdoors. Keep reading to find out how to plan your perfect stay.